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Malala Nobel Peace Prize winner and Princess of Bill Gate Arfa karim

Marketing Guru T.Levitt once said make standardized products and sells to masses. Perfectly Malala fits on this saying. Now from East to West, Africa to Australia everywhere her name is being sold as a young female educational activist shot by Pakistani taliban. Now the point is when I think about Malala what comes first in to my mind? Yes, In Pakistan which is an Islamic state females are being discriminated and are not being allowed to go to school. Is her recent noble prize award bringing happiness or resentment for Pakistanis? let’s have a look.  If we see some exams results of previous few years its apparent females look dominant over boys. Here I would like to quote late youngest female Microsoft professional Arfa Karim Randhawa (Princess of Bill gates) when she met with him and was questioned about prejudice and oppression females face in Pakistan how brilliantly she advocated Pakistan case is interesting instead of giving answer she asked him first tell me I am observing since few days there are only few females working in a Microsoft why?  Bill Gates amazed and replied its due to lack of technical skills of female have  in Information Technology  sector then Arfa replied when you come to Pakistan I will show you how many women work in  fields and how many getting education in information technology .

Malala is now a global brand name. The characteristics associated with Malala brand name are valor, courageous, defiance, bold, freedom of expression. In marketing before introducing any product in market brand name characteristics are associated with that product then the next step comes to position that brand in to a market. To accomplish this goal contract was given to Worlds biggest public relation company of USA Edleman (PR) having revenues over $734 million. They put all their efforts to make her brand. Ultimately this works for them and they succeeded to achieve their goal to present her as loveable and compassionate brand in front of the world.  Soon after Malala was announced as Noble laureate, Edleman (PR) firm tribute her in following words “Congratulations to our friend Malala Yousafzai for becoming this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner – incredible achievement #MalalaYousafzai ” .

I am not bigoted with Malala , I appreciate her  courage to raise her voice as a young female activist for the right of females children in Pakistan .I also condemned the culprits who tried to bring down her voice. The people who say Malala is treacherous I do not agree with them but I will say she has been used as stooge by westerns to exploit the image of Pakistan .My friend told me when her 9 years old daughter was studying in London along her other class fellows  they were given a topic on Malala to discuss as a home work what embarrassing image of Pakistan can you imagine will come in their mind? Who she is? What is her place of birth? Why she was shot by Taliban?  . If this noble prize was given to Edhi think for a moment what image of Pakistan comes to their minds ?

Artist Jonathan Yeo who made her portrait which is hanging in National Portrait gallery in London truly said “I guess I was worried that she was probably a pawn in a bigger game and was being unduly influenced by the people around her.”

There is no comparison of innocent Malala in her twenty’s with Edhi in his eighties. Edhi spent all his life to serve humanity without any discrimination. We can’t compare his services with her. This comparison is totally illogical. Could you please tell me what image of Pakistan come in to your mind when the name Edhi comes? Soft, moderate, charity, equality, believes on humanity and what image comes in to your mind when the name Malala comes in your mind? Yes this is the reason Edhi was never nominated for world noble peace prize. It’s all game of image creation to defame Pakistan on global stage. First we were labelled as terrorists than “Mukhtaran Mai ” now we labelled as  “ i am Malala” and wait for the next.

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