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The Crusty Side; Tipping Your Food Delivery Guy

We all tip, but do we tip enough?

I certainly do not wish to pursue anybody to walk in steps of Julia Roberts and tip the delivery guy $100, each time he obediently delivers goods at your place. But since people all over Pakistan are celebrating The Fast Food Festival today, it is imperative that we know a thing or two about importance of tipping. How you tip a waiter at restaurant is different from how you tip a delivery guy and it certainly does not depend on the amount of food you order.

Internationally accepted standards for tipping are based on 10% of the amount one pays for food. However, regardless of the amount one pays for food; their instinct towards tipping should gauge the rightful amount. While sitting in the comfort of one’s home, having food delivered to doorstep, we all run through a battle in our head on how much to spend on tip. A tip is never an act of kindness, not an epitome of generosity and neither something taken as fad fashion. Tips motivate delivery guys to do their jobs in a better way.

An unfortunate decease of two delivery boys in recent bomb blast at Khadda Market makes us wonder how risky this job is. Prevailing conditions of Karachi and the dedication of these delivery boys is commendable as they are available on a 24×7 round for making deliveries in the city.

Therefore, if you’re a good customer, food will be delivered to you and if you are a bad customer, food will still be delivered to you. It all comes down to giving the rightful claims.

Moreover, a courteous gesture entails that one should avoid searching for cash while the delivery guy waits behind the doors. Always keep the tips ready, regarding it with equal importance as your payment for food order.

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