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A dive into the future!

It is more than clear that the future of the world will be shaped up by advanced technology, artificial intelligence, and sustainability

It is more than clear that the future of the world will be shaped up by advanced technology, innovation and sustainability.

The concentrated movement towards innovating and fine-tuning technology is bound to substantially alter human existence and would do wonders. Increasing focus on sustainability and decarbonisation of the economy are among the most obvious advances and though challenges ahead are numerous but the future looks promising and full of opportunities for development and progress for humanity.

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Amongst a plethora of innovations being on the anvil some have started to make their presence felt already and are widely considered to be extremely beneficial.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will perform more and more tasks and may be the ultimate game-changer. Artificial intelligence is already revolutionizing many industries but the future will increasingly see this kind of technology performing complex and important tasks. It is increasingly seen that robots are picking up garbage or cars that will completely self-manage and personal assistants that will help people organise their daily lives.

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Decarbonization of the economy is the thing of future and revolutionary in content. As climate problems worsen, decarbonization of the economy seems to be inevitable. This means reducing carbon dioxide emissions from industry and transportation significantly.

This transition may be difficult and costly but it is now necessary to safeguard the planet and alter the very pattern of existence.

Growth of the digital economy is a strong reality now. The digital economy is already growing rapidly but the future is likely to see even more companies and businesses moving online.

This could result in the creation of many new jobs but it could also create new challenges for online security and privacy.

Personalised medicine is also waiting in the wings. Thanks to new technologies and information about human genome, personalised medicine will become increasingly easy and accessible.

There will be advanced diagnostic and monitoring tools, personalised therapies, and specific treatments based on individual genetics.

Global demographic change is taking place fast. The world population is aging rapidly with many nations seeing declining birth rates and increasing life expectancy. This could lead to a decrease in the number of young people but also to greater attention to the needs of the elderly.

Sustainability is the ultimate goal of the future.

Fighting climate change and the environmental crisis will become increasingly important. There will be many new sustainable technologies and strategies developed to help protect the planet, such as solar power, electric cars, advanced recycling systems, and many others. Sustainability will no longer be a choice but a necessity.


Augmented reality (AR) is taking over in the video game industry but it will soon be present in many other contexts as well. The technology allows digital information to be superimposed on the real world thus improving understanding of information and increasing interaction with the devices.

Space exploration has been on the cards since decades. Humans have always wanted to explore the universe and may have more opportunities to do so in the future. Space missions will be increasingly frequent and with increasingly challenging goals. There will be opportunities for human exploration of the Moon, Mars and other planets.

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