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Accept it or Explode it!

If President Trump is expecting a complete and irreversible denuclearization of the Kim’s North Korea, believe me, he is expecting too much from an authoritarian who has witnessed Gaddafi’s fate.

US intelligence agencies believe that Kim Jong Un is increasing the production of enriched uranium for nuclear arsenals, according to a report by NBC News.

It is crystal clear that North Korea wants all economic and military concessions from the United States but is in no mood of complying with the ambiguous agreement that Kim and Trump signed in Singapore last month. 38 North, a site that tracks the North Korea, has captured satellite images showing that the nation state is improving its nuclear facilities which include the Yongbyon Nuclear Scientific Research Center and some other known infrastructures.

Still there are many undeclared nuclear sites which are being used to enrich uranium.

Fortunately, Kim has stopped testing missiles and nukes but still he has not ordered to dismantle the nuclear arsenals completely, rather he is developing them.

The agreement which was signed by the chief executives of the two countries was extremely vague.

It was mentioned that North Korea will “work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”, but still no one knows what is meant by “complete denuclearization”.

Last week Mike Pompeo- the US Secretary of the State visited Pyongyang for the third time with the sole objective of putting meat on the bones of the highly ambiguous Singapore summit declaration co-signed by the Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump last month, that is, to discuss the definition of “complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” or in other words the United States demands from North Korea as far as complete and irreversible dismantling of nuclear arms are concerned. Pompeo didn’t get opportunity to talk to the Supreme Leader of DPRK one-on-one, rather he had conversation with North Korea’s vice chairman and former spy Chief Kim Yong Chol – he is the same guy who handed over the unusually large envelope, having letter sent by the Supreme Leader to the President of the United States, before Singapore summit.

Like Trump-Kim meet up last month, the meeting went all in vain.

At the end of the two days of talks in Kim’s Kingdom, Pompeo told the news reporters that the conversations were “productive and in good faith.”

Hours later North Korean state media issued a statement that called the demands presented by the US “gangster-like.”

Pompeo responded to the comments on Sunday, saying “if those requests were gangster-like, the world is a gangster.” Now you may judge the quality of these heated arguments very easily – were not given in good faith.

It is a high time for Kim to think about the economic future of his nation. With a completely crashed economy and people dying of hunger, how long his nukes will benefit him or his regime? If he wants to see his nation becoming prosperous and his people enjoying good quality of lives, he will have to start denuclearization process.

But it looks that he is not ready to do that in near future. United State’s strategy towards authoritarians in past seems to be the only fact bothering Kim to give commands for destruction of nuclear arsenals and uranium enrichment sites.

After the DPRK state media’s comments, it is either that the two countries have different positions on “complete denuclearization of Korean Peninsula” or Chairman Kim is playing with United States just like his father and grandfather, and is in no mood of complying with the agreement that he co-signed with President Trump in Singapore.

If the later is the reality than it is useless for him to involve in talks with the US government because they are aware of his father’s and grandfather’s strategy of wasting time and gaining attention of international media by signing on denuclearization agreements and then not complying with them.

The disappointing trip of Secretary Pompeo mean one thing: US has reached the same point again, that is, when they come to the stage in negotiations where the North must make concessions on its nuclear program, DPRK’s administration start crying as if they were not aware of the objective of the talks and that the US is doing injustice with them.

This constant down-the-line attitude of them is going to harm them in one way or other; in fact it is harming them now both economically and politically.

So what US is left with at the end of the day? Either bomb the DPRK by dropping a nuclear missile on it or accept its nuclear status without asking for a complete and irreversible denuclearization.

Or to pressurize them with heaviest economic sanctions in the history of international relations and global politics and force them to surrender.

It is certainly impossible for the United States to destroy the entire stock pile of nukes possessed by Kim Jong Un because they are not confined to one or a couple of areas, rather dispersed and most likely kept deep underground.

Kim for sure will strike back by launching nuclear missile on South Korea, Japan and maybe even major cities on the West Coast of the United States – in short striking North Korea would mean the beginning of World War III.

And what about isolating DPRK from the rest of the world economically and diplomatically?

This can be done by using the platform of the United Nations.

US can call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council and demand to stop supply of each and every natural resource to the country and that for sure will left the North with heavy energy crisis and food shortage to the extent that millions of its citizens die of hunger.

Industries will stop function because of shortage of raw material and power outage. But this can only work effectively if China will support US. Why China will help Trump administration?

After the implementation of Trump’s protectionist policies against China, it won’t leave any option unused that can harm United States. Pulling back the existing sanctions, Beijing can effectively force the US to decline tariffs on Chinese imports.

If United States will accept DPRK as a member of the nuclear club and stop asking for denuclearization, it is highly possible that in future Japan and South Korea will develop nuclear arsenals for their own security.

China for sure will increase its nuclear stockpile and missile defenses as a result. Accepting North Korea’s nuclear status and not asking for dismantling of nukes will also be beneficial for US and its allies because then it would be a lot easier to force DPRK to sign major arms control agreements.

Lifting economic sanctions from the country would allow billions of dollars of investment in the country and that will end up China’s control over it and the US will have more economic and political influence on North Korea.

Kim administration will have to understand the sensitivity of the issue. Rather than crying every time on negotiating table, it is better for Kim Jong Un to look at the condition of his people.

They still live in 20th century. People are dying of hunger. They don’t have access to internet and have just State Owned News Channel to watch on TV.

They are not allowed to travel freely in their own country and crossing national borders is just a dream.

Human rights in North Korea are severely limited.

Kim’s decision to denuclearize his state completely is the only solution to all economic problems of the country.

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