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Military differences of India and Pakistan

“I sincerely hope that they (relations between India and Pakistan) will be friendly and cordial. We have a great deal to do…and think that we can be of use to each other (and to) the world.” – Mohammad Ali Jinnah

This is what our Quaid hoped for but the present situation is entirely different.  Pakistan, India two hostile neighboring countries, those never enjoys joyful relations which leads a tense situation in the region almost whole the year.  In these ups and downs of relations, both militaries have established hostile strategies against each other as well.

2013 was an important year for Pakistan as Pakistan has been faced significant changes in its political as well in military setups. Politically, Pakistan has completed its journey from Asif Ali Zardari to Mohammad Nawaz Sharif; same like in military leadership got an interesting shift from Asfaq Pervaiz Kiayani to Gen Raheel Sharif. Which brings most important and positive move as new COAS has not showed any reluctance in starting of a full fledged operation against terrorism.

Meanwhile Pakistan is battling with terrorism; alarming news has come from Indian side that was about new military leadership of India. New India chief took his charge on 31 July 2014. Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag has taken charge over as the head 1.3 million Indian Army. On the first day of his appointment he gave very harsh statement against Pakistan which clearly shows his aggressive behavior which will lead a tense environment in south Asian region. India has always aggressive towards Pakistan although Pakistan made several attempts to proven peaceful relations with India. Lt Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag is no doubt a cruel man from his history, he has hatred against Muslims. His military career in Kashmir is filled with the blood of innocent Kashmiris. He is killer of Muslims of Kashmir as he used to do fake operation just to create more brutality in Kashmir. Besides having a cruel and brutal nature his military career is not as clear to get this huge responsibility to be as Army chief. He was in controversy when he was heading the 3 Corps for a failed intelligence operation in Jorhat, Assam. In 2012, he was put under Discipline and Vigilance ban by then Army Chief Gen VK Singh that delayed his promotion as Army Commander to head the Eastern Army Command in Kolkata. The ban was later revoked by Gen Bikram Singh, when he took over as the Army chief.

On the other hand the COAS of Pakistan, Gen.Raheel Sharif, a soft nature, hilal imtiaz honored man, having a clear military life which he spends with a dignity and responsibility. He showed its responsible behavior towards nation as soon as he took the charge. By taking the step of Military Operation against terrorists which was appreciated by china, Pakistan has proven itself as initiators and supporter of peace, not only in Pakistan but in the whole region. While Indian chief was busy in making hatred statements against Pakistan, Gen Raheel Sharif was spending his time with his nation, with those who are there in IDPs camps. Gen Raheel spend his day in IDPs camps to realize those that they are not alone in this time of difficulty. This huge difference between both personalities of COAS of neighboring countries leave a thought for us that what will be the future of Pakistan India military relations.

Among states, it’s always easy to ruin a relationship by uttering a simple statement but wise nations always prefer logic over emotions, which Indians merely do.

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