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I can’t STAND !!!

Situations, people, circumstances, attitudes, language…the list is endless – things we can’t stand. They get to us, no matter how many times we have gone over the mantra of accepting things we cannot change, we find ourselves getting irritated by them. It’s simply a part of being human, I suppose, and I am a little too human at times. Over the years I have tried to counsel myself to learn the lesson of tolerance, patience and acceptance. But, I am still a novice and my situations, surroundings, people, and what have you keep getting the better of me. So in a night that seems endless, with a mind that refuses to stop thinking or rather is averse to thinking rationally I pen down what all it is that I CAN’T STAND!

Depression that refuses to lift its dark veil

‘Be happy’, ‘fix your life, ‘do this and that’ ‘all knowing’ quotes that are put up on social media accompanied by a motivational edited photos [who exactly is being helped by these?]

Seemingly perfect lives of other people (and actual perfect lives of other people)

Pretending to be good when I’m so not

Moving houses, cities, packing, unpacking, old neighborhoods, new neighborhoods, new grocery stores


Too much familiarity

The perfect adage of ‘we are with you’ when you’re down and out. I need to know what exactly does that mean? for following the utterance of this super gem the horizon is clear on every side and I see no one near me let alone ‘with me’

This brings to the obvious one – utter crap


starting afresh – for the umpteenth time

Feeling totally scared

Gasping for breath

stuff, things, material possessions

People telling me to cheer up

Profession of ‘true love’ on facebook, I mean can’t you just say it directly to the person be it your spouse, parents, kids, friends?

Affectations and pretentiousness

Saad Rafique of PML (n)

The shameless commercialization of Ramzan on TV

Junaid Jamshed

Amir Liaqat and his horrendous get up, the smirk on his face, the hideous jungle set of his TV show and the sheer show of Pakistani stupidity day in and day out

The manifest, horribly visible, stark naked GREED of my fellow country men, women and children

The sheer absence of sophistication and dignity in the Pakistani genetic code

Our lack of confidence

Obsession with mobile phones and packages on it

Desperate women wanting – to look young, to control their husbands and children, to impress, to be other than themselves yet not knowing what that is

Not being able to sleep

Not being able to write

Failing…at almost everything

The endless wait….for Pakistan to prosper

Slogan mongering…without action

Tahir ul Qadri and his odious orations

The holier than thou attitude of every person in Ramzan which reverses to normal bitching on sighting of the eid moon

Multiple eids and that too in the 21st century

Our disregard to all things that matter for instance respect, humility, truth, integrity

My constant whining…

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