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Stand United Against Terrorism

June 15, 2014 Pakistan Army started operation against Tehreek.e.Taliban in North Waziristan agency as public opinion was in the favor  of that’s and everybody was looking towards Army that why they are delaying  this operation. Approximately 8 months were given to the committees made by government for peace talks but all the talks failed because its nature of wolf to bite and Taliban are no different from wolves.

From where they came? Why brought them into tribal areas of Pakistan? It’s a long story and waste of time to discuss all of that, I was not even born yet when Taliban entered Pakistan and became enough strong that they made a strong network of militancy through foreign funding and by using the name of Islam. In start public opinion was with them, everybody like them because they were using the name of jihad etc., to emotionally black mail the people of Pakistan living in that areas specially Pashtuns.

In 2004 the first suicide attack was carried by Tehreek.e.Taliban Pakistan and they proudly claimed the responsibility of that suicide attack and said that it’s according to Islam to kill people who are following the Non-Muslim culture. The other lame excuse given by them was that government of Pakistan was not working according to the rules and regulations of Islam and they want to implement the Islamic Culture. Few criticized this act that killing of innocents is through suicide attack is prohibited in Islam but there were too many scholars who gave statements in the favor of Taliban.

There were several campaigns launched by media in which Taliban were portrayed as true Muslims and slogan of “Shariah” was used to play with the emotions of people, by using religion they defamed Islam and Pakistan. Later on government of Pakistan decided to launch operation in South Waziristan and the so-called TTP apologists supported opposed that operation because both of them were from the same mindset.

They were portraying the fake picture of Islam in front of common people as well as international community. After successful operations in South Waziristan, Bajaur Agency and Swat the only place TTP was left in was North Waziristan. Pak Army is killing militants through Air Strikes, so far 300+ militants got killed, several arrested while trying to escape from the cordoned areas. Pak Army is facing resistance in Miran Shah but everybody knows Allah will bless us Army with success as whole nation is supporting and praying for Pak Army.

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