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Sorrows of Displacement

On Nine Twelve, it was the order of a senior diplomat of sole super power of the world to play the role of front line state in the Global War against Terrorism or otherwise United States will bomb Pakistan back to Stone Age. Like all his colonial ancestors Musharraf appears on the screen with bold gestures and loud voice and said dear country fellows, we have no way other to support community of powerful nations. Once again we prove to be the loyal and dutiful slaves of the west providing our air space, land routes, water ways and airports to ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) forces to attack their most wanteds.

We closed our eyes when shabby diplomats were landing in without passports and visas but equipped with heavy weapons which later on found roaming all over the country and some are suspected to be involved in criminal and spying activities. We shut down our thinking system when extremists and militants are entering into our territories in search of safe heavens. We were receiving the cost of our innocent children and old mothers in the form of collateral damage cheques putting aside the public sentiments which were boiling against the national and international forces. Economic misery of poverty stricken people forced them to put their kids into religious seminaries, where they were entertained with food, shelter and clothing and used by their religious masters for their own heinous designs.

At policy level we failed to streamlined the energies of young Baloch’s in the national welfares, we neglected Khyber Pakhtunkhwa having porous border with Afghanistan where international powers were fighting a global war since long and residents on the tribal best have close relations with Afghan tribes, we remain unable to put strong hand on the target killers and terrorists groups who performing their activities under the patronage of political parties in Karachi and at the same time we could not stop fuelling the terrorist generating factories in the far-flung areas of southern Punjab. At national level our political players and policy makers found revolving around the musical chair of power & command and failed to diffuse the impact of this psychological war on the attitude and behavior of masses. Due to which new generation in Pakistan is ethically declined, mentally confused, culturally embarrassed and intellectually barrened.

Economist can calculate the cost we have to pay after indulging into this war in the shape of energy crises and economic collapse and anthropologists can explore the impact of this war on the minds of the targeted people and on the souls of displaced families in the form of pessimism and uncertainty. Pakistan tried his best to get out of this war which give birth to suicide attack and drone attacks, targeted and sectarian killings, internal and external operations, religious extremism and criminal activism, kidnaping and ransom, unemployment and self-suicides.

Nawaz Shareef and his team since his commencement into power, is trying his best to restore peace in the reign and came out of this great game of power players to control energy resources and to policing the water ways. Pakistan wants to overcome energy crises and to gear up the economic wheel, to close old doctrine of traditional enemies and to promote friendly relations with regional countries. The current meeting of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi was also the results of policy shift in both the countries but some uniformed beneficiaries of this rivalry relations are also highlighting the issue to warm up the relations on both sides.

After a series of peace struggles and after lot of do more operations, Pakistan is still crawling on the way to step forward from Stone Age. Nawaz government with the consensus of all sitting parties in the assemblies as well as civil and military bureaucracy started peace talks with Talibans. But unfortunately peace process failed, so Pakistan has launch operation Zarb-e-Azb in North Waziristan to root up terrorism and militancy from our land. Up till now many terrorists has been killed and their hideouts have been destroyed. Due to which hundreds and thousands of peace loving tribes are fleeing toward safe areas for the life of their families. According to the Director General of Fata Disaster Management Authority the number of displace people exceeded 400000, which need food, shelter, medicine and escape to peaceful areas and their safe return to sweet homes.

It is very clear that we cannot rooted up Taliban and Talibanization from our country because Taliban is not a name of an individual or group but it is a mindset which grown up in our society by the islamization agenda of power players in Zia Regime which was launched by United States under the name Operation Cyclone to coup with Soviet Union. We were decorating mosques, constructing mudrasahs, empowering mullahs and formulating religious rules and regulations for the individuals and declaring other viewpoints non-Muslims. At that time no one in our society estimated, that the narrative which we are building in our society in the form of syllabus change and legislative amendments will put our society in the flames of sectarian violence and religious extremism.

The situation is more critical than ever before as the terrorism has shaken the foundation of our national economy, extremism has rooted up the centuries old interfaith and inter religion harmony from this land, fundamentalism has decorated the new brands in old bottles like Islamic banking, cultural invasion has turned energetic youth into confused generation and above all disinformation and uncertainty has put this nation on the way to civil war like situation. It is time to rethink our decisions and re- frame our national policies to become a prosperous nation and peaceful country in the global community of nations.

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