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Rape was a Taboo

Rape is now becoming a very common thought in the democratic State of Pakistan where the sanctity of Women are not only at verge but the rape practices are now becoming modest with the small age groups in the age bracket of 4 years onwards, socially for this age bracket you can’t even expect them to speak properly but people having a smudged minds going out of the control and loosing there felt deprivation and depressions over the innocents.

It is very difficult to understand whether as a common citizen where we stand and where we have to reach to stop this heinous offence, as a common people of a society I can only think as this case can be advocated by the child abuse societies or it’s a matter of a concern for the rape protection societies as no one can come and speak openly as they have a fear factor from the oppressors or peculiarly from the Police who some time found alleged in the crime so very less people came under the legitimate wedlock, people are reluctant to talk these issues as they have threats or the issues now become very petty to them. Whatever the case is who will be responsible to answer the family of a small child who was in the early age bracket of 4 and was raped by the Principal of school in Faisalabad, now tell me where to go and what we expect from them, who give a justice to the family we don’t even bothered to know whether she was the only kid in the family or not, believe me the things which are taboo in the past are now becoming a common practices, recently in Jan, 2013 a girl naming Amina Bibi set herself to fire when she known to the fact that the culprits are now released by the local court in the Outskirts of Multan as the police taken the bribe, another case which sent to the book shelves was for the girl who was gang raped gone to make her plea to the police station where the local police officer instead of reporting he flip the whole consequence and along with the few replicate the same dog activity now tell me when the custodians of the law do the same fashion so where a common man can bang ,where the rights of the people are, why the law makers become deaf and dump .

In the past few years there was no judgmental measures seen from the government only the case of Mukhtara Mai was bring to the zenith. My question is that “can she was the only victim” who acclaimed the right for the first time why we overlook the case reported in Sept,2013 regarding the 2 sisters who were gang raped and then killed in the outskirts of the Gujranwala, hitherto in our rural society the girls only limited themselves to their villages but now to fulfill their daily life trail they have to hunt other villages for the occupation where they are insane and hunted by the filthy pooches who are waiting to entangled them, here I should say thanks to the media who are free now and incidents now being reporting with a fast pace.

Case for the Rapes are now modest it become a dilemma as the culprits are bifurcated in two types one are those who target to the young females but the second are those who are more valiant and rebellious who are targeting the smaller ages not even recognizing there genders, we have to understand what the thought process these dreadful people have either they are mentally retarded or they are not controlling over their depression. As per the National Crime Data report (2008 to 2013) the crowning occurrence of ferocity has been reported from Punjab, the figures created a despotism amid the society as around 1336 cases of Gang Rape and around 15,082 reported for the Rape during the term. However these are the reported incidents yet the figures would be far apart if all the cases have been timely reported from other nooks of the state.

I would say that even the hardest of the punishments is not even sufficient for those who practices it but what can one does without any support from the law protectors where they are alleged in the crime along with the tyrants. Only the right formulation of actions are required from the state to save the rights of the destitute, to make some stern punishments for the culprits and their supporters, rapid impartial justice and on the spot actions can be the final stout.

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