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Revolution demands Sacrifice

Revolution needs sacrifices. Sacrifice of blood,wealth and time. All 3 factors are vital for a successful life. But what is a successful life? One where you live happily with your family in a comfortable home and enjoy all the luxuries bestowed upon you by Allah the Almighty. Can this be called a successful life if inspite of having all that you need and want, there are still people out there who share the same flesh and blood but who can`t even get the basic necessities of life.

You can be grateful to Allah for all that He has given you but when the time comes, you`ll be questioned about what you did to remove the plight and pain of those who lived around you. Every day you got into your car and drove to work, you watched all the slums flash past your car window, you watched all those kids without education, without food and without water, yet you never stopped to even look at them with mercy.

Revolution demands sacrifice. The poor and oppressed have stood up like always, when Nooh[a.s] called, only the poor came at first, when Moses[a.s] called only the poor and peasants of Egypt answered his[a.s] call, when Sayidi RasulAllah[s.a.w] gave the only initially only the slaves and oppressed came. The is the legacy of the the oppressed, but where are you O Elite of this nation, O students of this nation. The revolution demands material sacrifice from the elite, it demands  sacrifice of time from the students and as our dear brothers and sisters showed on 17th June 2014 to the the entire world, in the end it demands the greatest sacrifice, the sacrifice of ones blood!

Those who say that revolution is not the need of our society right now should look around. 70% of the population of this country lives under Rs 200 per day. Due to lack of employment and resources, qualified students are turning towards extremism and crime as it has more rewards. The rewards outweigh punishment. Extremism and terrorism is at its peak and at the administrative level there is a total collapse. Total bureaucratic disaster is eating away the roots of this country. The people have lost their morals, their ethics. Only the rich or perhaps the super rich can enjoy their life. The middle class has almost vanished and merged with the lower class. Status Quo has strengthened. Yes there is a lot of social mobility but almost the entire social mobility scale is dominated by mobility caused by corruption. Just last week a massacre happened in Lahore and what was the result? Has any perpetrator been caught? Has anyone resigned? Has the civil society come into motion to put a stop to such massacres? The answer is a big NO. Last weeks assault was singularly on Minhaj ul Quran International for raising the slogan of change, for raising the slogan of ending Corruption , loot , plunder and oppression from this country.

The massacre carried on for over 14 hours and no one came to their aid. Everyone came after the massacre was done, after precious lives were lost. This is the moral level we have reduced ourselves to and the very next day a body of a 20 year old girl was found hanging from a tree in Layyah, she was abducted and ravaged by monsters and left hanging. Who will raise their voice for her? Or for that young girl Sumbal who was raped and then left to die in Lahore earlier this year. There are countless events to narrate, therefore those who think that Revolution is not needed, should rethink. This revolution is not for you, this is not for the IPad and Samsung Galaxy users, therefore they don`t feel the need for it, this is for those who sleep under the sky and wake up with an empty stomach and empty pockets.

This revolution is for the oppressed!

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