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The Amazing Spiderman II: The American love tale

Today I experienced watching The Amazing Spiderman 2 in Atrium cinema, Karachi which is a sequel of Sony's block buster The Amazing Spiderman (2012). 

The character named ‘Spiderman’ is known to me since my childhood and it had everything a teenager can dream to be.

So when the film released, I wished to watch it on the opening day but unfortunately I wasn't able to do so, due to my professional responsibilities. At last today somehow I managed to watch it and for me it was a pleasant experience as the 3D scenes of the movie was simply outstanding as compare to the previous one. 

This time the director Marc Webb was in tough competition with action scenes of 'Man of Steel' and 'Captain America' so he gives his complete attention on 3D shoot.

Now getting back to the movie, everyone who likes the character is desperately waiting for the movie because the hero is going to combat three villains together and the movie is also going to decide the fate of Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone), the heroine of the movie and the love of my beloved character.

According to the comics of The Amazing Spiderman, Gwen Stacy will have to die if she continues her relation with Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield). Her father also requested Peter in last movie to leave her as being in relation with a super hero can be dangerous for her and Peter also promised to do so.

The film contains many twists and turns, as everyone knows very well that Spiderman being a young American guy never fulfill his commitments and he believes that promises are meant to be broken. He simply followed his nature and started meeting with her love Gwen in the ending moment of previous movie. But his inner goodness compels him to relinquish his relation due to the last wish of Stacy's father.

Being a film lover I know very well that suspense and thrill is a real essence of the movie so I am not going to tell you the fate of Gwen, but I will share the scene that mesmerized me and compelled me to pray for Spidy's love.

Parker's only friend Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) is acting as 'Green Goblin' and he needs Spiderman's blood to cure his inherited disease. When Harry came to know that Parker is a Spiderman, he kidnapped Gwen and to rescue her, Spiderman and Goblin had a fight in a high-rises clock tower.

And the moment of pin drop silence in cinema. When the web break and Gwen was falling in the depth of the tower with bulk of metal parts, she raised her hands while falling towards Spidy with an eternal believe that he will definitely hold her. Meanwhile, having a flash back of Gwen's father wish and all his heartiest wishes to keep her save from Spidy's enemies, Spiderman throws his web towards her. The scene was in slow motion and the tip of web formed a shape of Spiderman's hand and everyone in the cinema including me were praying that the web must reach to her and she survives.

Gwen's fate is the most agonized part and everyone who ever have had any emotions for Spiderman must watch the movie to know about the future of the young American Super hero's love tale. 


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