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This is not the first time that GEO News has let the nation down (2)

GEO News is in limelight after being accused of working against the interests of Pakistan and blaming our security agencies for attack on Hamid Meer without proof and even before the investigations had begun. An application has been sent to Pemra by Defence ministry asking it to revoke GEO’s licence and ban the channel.

In my previous blog: https://blogs.arynews.tv/first-time-geo-news-let-nation/ I mentioned how ISI bashing is not the only treasanous act done by GEO and I gave examples of few incidents where GEO News gave wrong news which damaged Pakistan’s reputation beyound repair and then GEO News never sought an apology for its irresponsible journalism.In this blog, I will continue my charge sheet against GEO/Jang group and highlight some more incidents when GEO’s irresponsible behaviour let the nation down.

Pic 1: Jang/Geo calls Kashmiri Mujahideen terrorists

geo-jang-calls-the-mujahideens-extremistsYou can see from the above cutting from Jang Newspaper that Jang News paper called our Kashmiri Mujahideen brothers “terrorists” for fighting against occupation of Indian Army. The state of Pakistan considers Kashmir an integral part of Pakistan and all Pakistanis are willing to go any extent to force India to stop genocide in Kashmir but GEO and Jang news paper seem to be pursuing India’s agenda instead of supporting Kashmiri brothers. This cutting is not the only incident when GEO has called Kashmiri struggle terrorism or disagreed with Pakistan’s right over Kashmir. In different maps shown in various programs, GEO has shown Kashmir to be a part of India.

Pic 2: GEO shows Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan as part of India

geoImportant to mention here that GEO News and Jang Newspaper call the struggle in Kashmir which is going on since 1947 terrorism but call the RAW sponsored terrorism in Balochistan as struggle by Balochis for their rights. They are trying to confuse our people and brainwash them on the wishes of India. Is this not treason?

GEO offers its services to US state department to launch campaigns pursuing USA’s agenda


In the leaked letter in the attached link, you can see how GEO is shamelessly offering its services to US state department highlighting what it has done in past to change viewpoint in Pakistan after taking foreign money and what it is willing to do in future.

There is nothing wrong in teaching something good to public and campaigning for democracy, moral values, education and human rights. But when this is done by taking money from a foreign country, there is a huge chance that commercial interests will be preferred over Pakistan’s interests. This has happened in GEO’s case. This letter also shows that Aman ki Asha was also done by taking payments from foreigners.

 GEO took 20 million pounds from UK state department

In a letter written by Lord Nazir, it was highlighted that UK state department gave 20 million pounds directly to GEO’s MKRF foundation to improve the education facilities in Pakistan. It is rather surprising that instead of giving the fund to central or any provincial government it was given directly to a foundation which is owned by same person who owns GEO/Jang group. The news of the funding was never made public and where the fund was spent is also unknown. GEO/Jang group has not denied this news and has instead threatened Lord Nazir and asked him to remain silent.
Isn’t this lafafa journalism on mass level? Why buy journalists when you can buy the whole channel?

 Apart from these few events that I have mentioned, there are various other incidents when wrong reporting by GEO news harmed the national interest. Is it time that explanations are sought from Pakistan’s biggest channel  and accountability done or should it be allowed to go scot free once again?

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