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Pakistan’s future on the streets

The days we are hearing  a lot about child labor and child abuse because of an alarming rise in unacceptable trend of keeping children as workmen.

Currently we are witnessing a case of child labor and abuse but as it is sub-judice I won’t like comment on it but we must think that the current case is just one of the few cases which came on record.

A huge number of children suffer abuse, abduction and labor daily but remain overlooked because of little or no access of media in those areas.

We see a number of children on traffic signals, auto workshops, restaurants and many other places, who are working earn bread and butter for their families.

Few days ago I asked a child working at auto workshop as to why he doesn’t to go to school?  I was shattered by his reply  “Sir dil to karta ha lekin agar kam nahi karunga to raat ko ghar pe khana kesey banayga”, and he was hardly 10 years of age.


Why these children are ordained to work instead of living / enjoying the normal life? Are they not worthy of it? The only answer is lack of resources and burden of responsibilities.

Some of them are elders of their home who are sole responsible to fulfill basic necessities of life.

In my opinion these kids are more sensitive, mature and grownup than others of same age. This increasing rate of child labor is eventually increasing child abuse.

It’s beyond imagination to feel even a little of what they feel and suffer. The pain of deteriorating future, the burden of family responsibility, the teary eyes while watching other kids enjoying utilities of life and, the killing silence they keep because they know their voice doesn’t matter.

A total of 3,768 cases of child sexual abuse (CSA) were reported in 2015 bringing the number of abused children to 10 per day. The figure also shows an increase of 7 per cent from the previous year. A report by Sahil.org. According to Statistics of Bureau of Statistics Punjab, as many as 5420 children under the age of 14 years were engaged at auto workshops, 71 at petrol pumps while 1636 children were working at hotels/restaurants.

A number of child labor laws have been made and several are in making but strict implementation of laws is more important instead of making. The watchdogs of these laws are also lazy in their duties. Not only central but provincial and district level governments should take strict physical measures to protect each and every child of nation.

There should be free basic education for all. Along with the government, it is the duty of affordable class to bear expense of at least one child in their vicinity, because together we can make child labor free Pakistan. Although it’s time taking process but yes its quiet possible to achieve.

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