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Have we forgotten the role moral values can play in Pakistan’s economic growth

To serve a nation or one’s own self, moral values play a very important role and I myself believe that moral values can convert an underdeveloped nation to developed nation.

Unconditional kindness, love for humanity, honesty, respect for others’ work and place, hard work, compassion, co – operation, forgiveness, truth, non-violence in individuals can form a great nation and steer it towards economic success.

Our record as a nation is terrible in this regard. Here are the some major moral issues facing our nation.

1.      Fake Advertisements for Job Seekers

If we see the daily newspapers and magazines, then everyday several vacant posts have been advertising almost in every national newspapers of Pakistan. The jobs seekers read all criteria for applying and getting job very carefully and believe that their dream jobs is at their door step with in next few days. After submitting the demand draft of 500 to 2000 rupees and a bundle of attested photocopies of their original documents, they wait for the day of written test and interview.

The family members of these jobs seekers are also hopeful during the period of test and interview.

However, everything ruins when majority of candidates do not receive call letter to appear in the test.

Unfortunately, majority of candidates keep continue their efforts to get job through advertisement process, unless their age limit crosses the eligibility criteria.

False advertisements are a way of cheating and looting people by collecting demand drafts of money.

If this false advertisement thing is banned in the country then eligible candidates will adopt innovative techniques to earn money.

The poor families will also get rid from depression and stress from applying to getting job of their intelligent family members.


2.      ‘Good Looking’ women

Majority of institutions and corporations have been only looking for beautiful girls at the working places. Their job ads clearly read “looking for a beautiful, attractive girl”.

Receptionist jobs at mobile franchises, in the offices, or at educational institutes too, and secretary jobs for male officers are only offered to ‘good looking’ candidates.

It has also been noticed that customers, colleagues, and even the bosses of these very ‘good looking’ girls harass them and if they resist, they are either fired or defamed.

My question is when women in Pakistan will get jobs according to their abilities and not how ‘good looking’ they are? Many champions of feminism too hire only ‘attractive’ girls.


We Need to Change

There is a dire need of  change in Pakistan.

The nation does not need new people to correct the current system, only following the rules of moral values can bring a drastic change to convert the country from underdeveloped to a developed state.

According to data collected by NUMBEO, recommended minimum amount of money for food (2400 calories) per a person require 340 PKR daily and 10,500 PKR monthly.

Other charges for living are not the part of daily food consumption (numbeo). orruption and bribery, which is highest by 80 % as compared to other criminal activities, e.g. car stolen 54%, physical attacks based on ethics or religion 33%, drug dealing crime 52%, etc. . It is fortunate that poor and illiterate people cannot involve in bribery and corruption related activities. Only the educated and civil servants have the authority to misuse their authority, which is very immoral.

Corruption and bribery (80%) is the root cause of our immoral economy.

It is the duty of parents, teachers, scholars, sources of print and electronic media, and the politician leaders to show right path to their followers and children as well.


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