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10 Things a mom should do when her child has fever

Do you remember when a month passed and your kid has remained fever free? How often you visited the doctor in a month?

As the weather transition is taking place, cold and flu season is upon us to test our kid’s immunity. As a mother, when my kid is knocked down with fever, I often used to call my mother in the very first instance (before calling a doctor) for her time-tested advice. Her instant reply:

“What! Again she has fever?”

As she must be tired of listening to my similar questions, but amazingly she gives me some superb relevant tips which prevents the situation from getting worse along with lot of Duas (supplication).

  1. Hydration 

High fever usually sucks the child’s body fluids leading to dehydration.First of all increase the fluid intake, there are a lot of choices available other than simple plain water. It could be in the form of soups, green tea, juices etc. They all replenish the water loss and also soothes the mucous lining of the throat providing comfort to the kid.

  1. Keep Close 

This is the one and the only point which my mother used to emphasize every time. As the kid is quite irritable at that moment and usually asks for things which he\ she never ever given an eye for, the need of the time is to remain calm and shower him with more hugs, and encouraging kisses as it works wonders in the path of healing. Reassure your kid time and again.Massaging the scalp and combing his/her hair with your fingers.

  1. Read

As no kid want to lay straight on the bed, make it fun by reading one of the favorite book he\ she always wants to be read to. In my case I often pick up the book with some interesting and funny facts and enjoyed to read it out loud with her.

  1. Sleep 

We should assist to make the nap time as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to let the fresh air in (not cold) to ventilate the room.

  1. Spiritual Healing:

Spiritual ways of healing are very effective and tested in various ailments. Whether its a Sadqa (charity) or Dum (recitation of words followed by blowing on the afflicted individual) of  Surat Al Fatiha or any Dua from the heart.. Develop a connection to the Almighty and you will be astonished to see the results.

  1. Nebulize / Steam:

If the child has fever due to nasal blockage\ congestion as it is common in this season, nebulizing with the simple plain water (normal saline to be accurate) works wonders in reliving the symptoms if done consistently. But the real problem is to make the kid sit and have the mask on for at least 10 minutes which is also a test for parents.

  1. Dress Up:

Dressing in layers are quite effective in managing the temperature tantrums. Make the kid feel good by attiring in a simple, breathable, light weight clothes as it boosts the sense of well being.

  1. Soft Bland Diet:

Avoid greasy and spicy food as it will irritate the throat causing the bout of cough eventually leading to vomiting. Soft bland diet like plain curry, pudding, sujikheer(milk dessert) oats are easy to be gulped without much efforts.

  1. Medicine

Seek the support of the doctor anytime when you have concerns and follow the advice strictly as the fever in children is no fun.Once the cause is treated, the temperature itself returns to normal.

  1. Sponging

A lukewarm bath or wash cloth or may temporary cool the child but avoid the chilled water sponging as it may cause shivering ultimately raising the temperature.

Newborns and infants should be taken special care. They should be evaluated by the pediatrician soon as possible.

Reassure your kid often as a mother’s lap is the safest place on earth.

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