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The power of your vote…

Vote is a right of every individual. A vote decides who will run the country, state, district or a city. The power of vote is in a common person’s hand. The sad thing is that a common person is very much unaware of his rights and has remained ignorant in terms of who deserves his vote.

Karachi is having local government elections on 5th December and all the major political parties are busy in attracting the citizens. From the forged alliance of Jamat e Islami (JI) and Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) to the political party Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), that has ruled this city for over a decade and all the independent candidates from all over the city.

All the candidates and parties are running their campaigns effectively to win the votes and decide the future of the city that runs the entire country.

Karachites should vote whoever assures them to make this city the city of lights again, the city that once attracted the entire Pakistan. Karachi should vote for that individual or a party who can end this debris and garbage that has ruined the image of this city. The vote should be given to that party which can assure a peaceful city with no terrorist activities. The city needs to vote for the one who can end all the no-go areas whether it is in Lyari or somewhere near Orangi Town.

Karachi has faced what the entire Pakistan has not, from killings of innocent, to frequent shutdowns to uncertain situations. It is in our hands to let that person or party rule that can change the present and future of this city. Even if we vote for same party let us make sure that they have something different to give us this time.

The power of our vote will decide the future of this city. Let us vote for someone who can give us a clean, peaceful and beautiful city. VOTE WISELY, VOTE FOR KARACHI. But do vote.

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