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ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: A health freak who advocates unhealthy relations between humans

Every teenage has been through the age of sixteen. A figure of age when a person feels being reluctant because whims rule over his/her wit and that eyes want to see only rainbow colors. My teenage was just that. I spent almost eight, incessant years of my life in bodybuilding. I bore the pains on my muscles at extreme level, almost every day. When there was never a good trainer across the city whom I might know, I would try to seek information from tips and tricks of better workout from all possible sources that might boost my physique and stamina. I would anticipate meeting any expert so that I could find answers to my curious questions for making my body ripped and muscular but there was no one. Except sleeping at night for eight hours long, I tended to take extra four hours sleep at daylight after lunch to burn calories for a shredder body. Belonging to a middle-class family with six other siblings where the only fountain head and bread earner was my dearest father, it was difficult to have breakfast of more than eight eggs, one dozen bananas, half kilo milk, omelet with full protein, cretin and carbo-vegetables and sometimes white mince meat with shake at lunch. But the spirit of the game had always made me steal the opportunity to get this luxury eating from traditional house meals whenever it was possible. It was something that got my parents into trouble. However, I could not ever get proper diet like the way a professional bodybuilder gets.

My intention was never to compete on the stage but I wanted to have muscles like those of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s massive arms and explosive back. He’s not only mine but every first teenager, school boy, and most of all children’s favorite personality. He’s been the best action hero and an ideal example of untiring efforts to get maximum success from one’s life. He carved Hollywood into a new shape and gave to action movies a new identity. His bodybuilding background made him known as a household name. For almost 30 years he kept the youth; a generation, mesmerized and still is the best inspiration of today’s athletes and action film lovers.

Apart from his godly influences in motion picture, sport and health promotion to people for all his life until now; Arnold’s recent stauncher move to support gay marriage has stunned his followers; specially youth, fitness lovers, and his fans of all ages. Arnie seems more hypocritical than earnest in his decision in view of his natural sporting spirit background; a total contrast to his gay supporting.

Moreover, he stands firm of his perversion that in the eyes of a conservative Christian society is an unforgivable sin. When one of his fans tweeted him to dislike his support to gay marriage decision; he tweeted back, ‘Hasta Lavista.’ Further he applied rainbow color scheme filter to his profile image in full support to gay marriage.

At last, how can this be possible for a man who believes in natural health system but likes unnatural human relation?

Almost every first person who is an avid fitness club or bodybuilder thinks Arnie is doing the weird thing. Almost all fitness professionals and his fans think Arnold has lost his mind in his sixties, just like a teenage boy of sixteen years.

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