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Three possible motives of Safoora Chowrangi Attack

Another deadly wound in history of Karachi attacks has been seen on Wednesday morning when 6 gunmen knocked more than 43 innocent down. The act of brutality was so immersed that even eye witnesses could not stop their tears while explaining the killings. One more time minority was chosen in order to create hatred among the members of society and trigger sectarian violence.

But the timing this moment was carefully selected due to three main reason. Firstly due to strengthening of Pak-China bonding and recent Chinese President visit. Secondly the revival of Pakistani cricket within country through Zimbabwe upcoming visit. Lastly, the three days visit of Army chief to Srilanka.

Pakistan is surrounded by number of external and internal enemies. Here once again a proxy of external enemy attacked the volatile issue and targeted the minorities in order to repeat an event of Yohanabad one more time. This is caused in order to deviate the attention of Government from all those developing projects that are recently made specifically under Chinese President visit.

Pakistan always used to stand under one flag during cricket match. Throughout the Nation when there is cricket match going on, no one find a Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtoon or Punjabi. Everywhere there is only a Pakistani. After almost half a decade, an international series was about to happen inside Pakistan. This revival was also not accepted by one of core external enemy. Such events caused a sense of terror so that team Zimbabwe give it another thought before coming.

Lastly Pakistan played a vital role in helping Srilanka to fight against the Tamil Tigers (the rebellions of Srilanka like Talibans). That core external enemy has also stakes in Srilanka and links with those Tamils. So that was not acceptable for it to bear another help against Tamil Tigers. It was also unbearable for it regarding the current grooming and growing of Pakistani economy under Chinese and Srilankan projects.

We as a nation regardless of any caste and sect need to stand against those enemies who want to damage the image of Pakistan in local and international forum. Because divided we fall united we stand.

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