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Dowry, a curse

Marriage is the dream of every woman. Since a girl is born, it is instilled in our society that one day she needs to make her own house. Leave her parents, go to a completely new place, and consider a person who was a complete stranger to her as her ‘magazikhuda’. It is not easy for a girl to fly away but that is how it is done.  A girl when she ties the knot, she actually vows to tie her pain, happiness, and suffering all affiliated to her partners will. Indeed this day is a milestone in her life that changes everything for her. Many anticipate this day but there are numerous threats that this day brings along.

One of the major threat the girl and her family faces is dowry. Dowry or jahez is something that can actually ruin marriages, disturb families and break relationships. Today men who are about to get married expect fancy cars, a well-furnished home, electronics and the list and demands just keep on increasing. Can’t these men actually cater to their needs on their own? Marriage is an institution that teaches you a complete code of life so why do men really want to initiate their new beginnings on the basis of material commodities?

Parents, when they arrange marriages of their daughters they actually want to give them everything but if their finances don’t allow them, is it the girls fault? Why does the girl have to face the brutality throughout her life? Marriage is certainly not an investment that one considers the long term financial prospects of it. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) never advocated dowry this can be related to the incident when Hazrat Ali (A.S) was about to marry Hazrat Fatima (A.S), he made him arrange his dowry himself. This is the integrity of the relation; this is what the Prophet advocated. Then who are we to demand fabricated stuff?

At this stage when vulnerabilities are at its peak, men need to take a stand because if they do not voice for others daughter nobody would ever speak up for theirs. It is not just about today but it is about an entire generation that waits.

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