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Youth in Hyderabad construct ‘Wall of Kindness’

Unheard before, the idea of ‘Wall of Kindness’ is inspiring youth activists in many parts of Pakistan. After Karachi, now Hyderabad took the lead today after opening up Wall of Kindness where youth with their families are hanging their clothes and pairs of shoes for the poor and needy. This wall has been constructed on Hyderabad’s autobahn Road, which is the city’s emerging commercial hub, big brands and restaurants and now a cinema has been opened up on this road. Hyderabad has close to 2 million urban population and hence is the 2nd largest city of the province of Sindh, with close 10 public and private universities in the vicinity.

The poverty and level of deprivation that our society lives in and suffers, such walls may not be sufficient to address the needs, but the fact, the hope, and the action, that youth is moved by this idea of coming forward with help for poor is amazing.

In an age when many of among us are consumed by our lives, the youth in Hyderabad have established an example of helping others. The initiative is going viral on social media, since on Facebook people are sharing photographs and new offers from other small cities. One can read on various Facebook walls inviting others to establish such walls in their cities. It seems to be a delightful movement spreading everywhere. Pakistan’s changing demography with huge young and educated population, even small cities have groups of young people who can influence others to play a positive role in society. The emerging middle class which often spends hours on social media, could direct their energies for such causes, and eventually we could develop a caring and loving society. This initiative, on a very short notice, gives ample evidence that unrealized potential is in abundance.

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