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OPINION: Should children wear revealing clothes?

Few days back, I along with my family went to a shopping mall.

Going to shopping malls these days is like going to a funfair. Besides shopping (whatever you want), one would go to food court and if you have kids, how could you miss play area and fun zone.

While I was at play area seeing my kids enjoying their favourite rides, dressing of many (not few) children made me anxious.

Majority of girls were wearing bum shorts, ripped jeans, halter necks and short frocks/ skirts.

One could understand that summer season is really driving everyone crazy and kids need to get out of fully covered clothes but isn’t dressing of most of the girls these days is too revealing?

Yes! I agree that they are just kids and they are by no means bound to cover themselves like adults.

But on the other side, no one can disagree with the fact that because of media these days, moral values are somehow not the way they were before.

Unfortunately, we are living in a society where pedophiles exist and yes, no one can make them understand that kids are kids and are innocent.

I, sometimes, have to explain to my kids the concept of decency and decorum especially relating dress code. Kids are naïve and they do compare themselves to other kids of their age and even to opposite gender.

I often explain to my daughter that how girls are more precious and unlike boys, they need to cover their bodies more properly.

It is important for every parent to inculcate these values in their kids otherwise they might retaliate once you as parent think now they need to be more careful while dressing up.

Kids need to be dressed as kids, not like adults. This new craze of designer clothing is another cherry on the top.

Brands in order to get more sales tend to introduce new designs after every three months now. In comparison, we as kids didn’t even know the names of many outfit categories. We were living examples of our mother’s choices.

I know a lot of kids from late 80s can relate to my perspective. If you are confused, just go to your old picture archives, and those “loose shirts and pants with no contrast” pictures would definitely put a broad smile on your faces.

Let’s take our kids out of this never ending craze.

Stop buying such revealing clothes for our kids.

Kids have their lives ahead of them, let’s set them.

Let them know that doing good to others is more important than looking good only.

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