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Time to stop littering ‘Naya Pakistan’

With talks in town of a Naya Pakistan following Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s win in the July 25 general elections, a considerable amount of attention given to the idea of a “new country for us to live in”.

All of PTI supporters are in a celebratory mood.

Imran Khan


You may hear a voice or two here and there expressing how a ‘naya’ Pakistan will now be created by the much-celebrated ex-cricketer Imran Khan, but there’s a flaw in this believe system that needs to be fixed.

There still seems to be a massive problem of littering by the people of Karachi that has now taken its toll on the city.

The city municipal has made efforts to have the mess cleaned on a regular basis, but this has not been enough; the streets continue to be strewn with garbage, a flying plastic shopper here and a pile of debris there.

What do you think is the problem here?


You are walking down a street, enjoying an ice-lolly and once you finish it, you don’t care to find a trash can and instead go ahead and just throw it on the middle of the pathway that you are walking on. Rings a bell?

This scenario defines almost 90% of the people of Karachi.

We have become so prone to littering our streets that we have stopped realizing how horrible this habit is. The growing garbage is not only hazardous to the safety of human lives, but it is also polluting the air that we breathe in, making us all much less healthy than we already are, each day.

It does not take a single penny to keep the trash somewhere in your car, or in your pocket and throw it only when you see a trash can around. This not only makes our city cleaner but also greener and a healthier place to reside in.

Moreover, as responsible citizens, we should also place trash cans where see there are none. A campaign to install dustbins at every two kilometers is going to make a colossal difference, as the people will not be given a chance to throw trash anywhere but in the bin. More importantly, these bins should be doubled in public areas such as market places, parks, sidewalks, and food streets for a more effective outcome.

However, no amount of trash bins is enough if there isn’t a sense of responsibility in us. We are happy about a Naya Pakistan being made, but ask yourself, are you ready to play your part in making in our country brand new in your own small way?

Hopefully, yes!

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