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Things that nobody told me about my adult life

When you get older, you realize that there are many things that you had learnt which are not exactly true.

The hardest part of being an adult is realizing the bitter truths of life.

One hardest part is when you have your older generations pass away. Eventually the wretched pain eases, but there’s a hole where you miss them. I miss my brother, my aunt, my grandfather. Another hardest part is when you realize that relationships are intricately complicated.

You cannot totally trust that guy or girl who you love the most because sometimes he or she may turn out against you. You never know. Its how the nature works unfortunately.


However, it’s not the only thing that is hardest to learn late in life but there are several others. I have penned them down below:

1. No matter how hard you have studied in your school and college, it doesn’t mean your life will be successful in future. On a similar note, your friends who studied nothing and spent their college days partying might get ahead of you. Some of them will even earn more than you. Life is cruel in so many ways.

2. Friends, on the contrary will be there for you when you need them.

3. Life is unfair. The sooner you understand it the better.

4. Friends are a blessing. Not all friends are but those who sincerely care for you.

5. I used to love a girl. I made high promises that she will be the only one in my life. And I won’t marry anyone else. Fast forward two years now I laugh at promises I made at that time. Don’t make promises which you will not be able to keep up.

6. People especially relatives become very happy when they see you miserable. When they ask you about your job or earning, its actually to satisfy themselves that they are less miserable than you.

7. Success is dangerous. It will deter people away from you. Sometimes people who are close to you.

8. Even your parents won’t help you when you are at a difficult stage of life. They won’t see eye to eye with you and won’t come to your aid when you really need them.

9. Love is replaceable. If you think your girlfriend is the love of your life and hence you or she cannot live without each other then you are most certainly Wrong. When you will not be around her, she can easily find someone as loving and caring as you. And Vice versa.

10. It’s really hard to speak soft to someone who has recently inflicted a hard blow on your heart. But once done , you feel powerful than before.

11. Appreciating someone yields big rewards. Compliment as small as “that shirt looks good on you” will increase your charisma in the eyes of others.

12. Striking up a conversation with a waiter can make his or her day. They are so full of stories. Similarly, asking the person who is serving you coffee about how his day been will enliven his mood. They would at once become cheerful.

13. Thank the bus driver after the ride. Make his day.

There are countless other lessons I have learnt quite late in life. I had to relearn a majority of them,
But this is what we call life, right? What’s true today can be false tomorrow. And what’s right today can turn wrong tomorrow.

Such is the beauty of life. Oscar Wilde was true when he said that human life is the only thing worth investigating.

The trick is to learn the lessons at an early stage and not showing hesitation to adapt when ideas around you change.

Keep learning folks !

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