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The toxicity of being judgemental

We live in a society where fake people and conformists thrive and there is no room for honest people.

No matter what these so-called conformists do in real life, it is the  outer shell of the person that matters. Unfortunately what our society has been practicing since long.

We all want to be perceived as nice, gentle, patient and humble. We don’t want anyone to see our darker side. Isn’t it?

We all are competent at showing the brighter version of ourselves to the world. Why should anyone say or perceive something negative about ourselves? This is almost every one of us. This is human nature.

But the reality is that no one is perfect. Everyone has flaws. Sadly, most of the people in our society point out the negative traits of a person irrespective of the circumstances.

Majority of our people have toxic judgmental powers. Being judgmental is natural but using that judgmental power to despise a person is really lethal.

A lady got divorced; this has to be her fault. A person is a smoker; he has to be a vagabond. A girl is wearing indecent clothes, she has to be characterless.\

A man is helping her wife in house chores; he has to be henpecked. We have formed major assumptions on faulty lines. Society needs to get out of the notion that public façade is somehow different than private despair and labeling someone because of what he/she publicly displays is immoral.

At a basic semantic level, we all are judgmental in an objective manner but being overly critical in an unhelpful way is what makes judgmental power toxic. It is when we make derogatory judgments which can have harmful consequences.

When we become judgmental, we forget to walk a mile in other person’s shoe. We totally overlook other person’s challenges and issues he might be facing.

We all need to practice empathy and kindness. Let’s train our minds to see the good/positive side of everything.

Remember when you had a bad time, you only remember those who came forward and offered you all support or touched your wounds with a warm hand.

Who meant the most to you during your hard times were definitely those who stayed with you and not those who judged you or came up with cures.

And to all those who get judged brutally, remember, thinking is difficult that is why most of the people judge and by judging you, they do not define you, they define themselves.


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