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The ‘sometimes’ we need for a balanced life

Most sensible advice anyone can implement in his life is to live a balanced life.

This advice in itself is very strong and effective if it is applied with acute ‘balance’.

The essence of the word ‘balance’ is generally confused when used in conjunction with the word ‘life’ – ‘balanced life’.

It is generally assumed that the phrase balanced life tells us ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to’ – hence creating a fine line between two extremes.

These two extreme natures of the phrase are not balanced in itself intrinsically.

To better understand or to get the actual meaning of the phrase one should play near the line more often.

Let’s explore some possibilities by considering everyday examples, we should:

Sometimes try something even if not hungry, sometimes refrain from eating even if hungry; sometimes talk to people even you don’t want to, sometimes don’t say much to people you talk to daily; sometimes take a walk to the market even if you have car, sometimes drive to the nearest destination even if you can walk there; sometimes make your own breakfast or clean your own apartment even if someone else do that for you daily.

Sometimes skip work to enjoy family time even if your project deadline is approaching, sometimes skip holiday to be at work; sometimes help someone if he/she doesn’t even ask for it, sometimes refrain from helping someone even if they ask for it and let them figure it out on their own; sometimes share funny moments even in serious talk.

Sometimes buy from expensive stores even you don’t have much, sometimes buy from road side stalls even if you have much; sometimes groom yourself like you are going at a party even if you are staying home, sometimes wear casually even if the occasion demands otherwise; sometimes travel to places where you don’t want to go.

Sometimes stay at home even if you want to go with the flow of wind; sometimes play with your kids even if you had a rough day; sometimes take risks which you don’t think will benefit; sometime don’t take risks even if they pay a lot in return; sometimes watch a movie even if you don’t have much time, sometimes cut your entertainment even you have spare time; sometimes eat with someone even you don’t know them, sometimes eat alone even if you can with someone you know.

All these possibilities could be expanded to anything possible in different life circles.

The word ‘sometimes’ here restore the true missing ethos of the word ‘balance’.

Anyone who accepts the challenge of living a balanced life should focus and work on the pivot ‘sometimes’.

The more balanced the word ‘sometimes’, the more BALANCED the life will be.

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