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Remembering Junaid Jamshed; the man we all loved

I don’t know how to start, I have no words actually and it will not be wrong to say that every Pakistani at the moment is speechless, in shock and in the deep state of sadness.

The JJ of 90s, Junaid Jamshed of the 21st century and J. in the World of Brands…is laid to rest!

A man who has now become from ‘is’ to ‘was’ … no one had ever imagined that their eyes would see the news and tickers of ‘Junaid Jamshed Shaheed’ , ‘Junaid Jamshed Janaza’.

Martyrdom, no doubt is the most blessed death, the most revered departure from this World to Heavens.

It happened so unexpectedly and suddenly that it’s still hard to believe that the voice of ‘Muhammed (SAWW) ka Roza Qareeb araha hai’, ‘Ilahi Teri Chokhat par’ … is now silent forever!

Junaid Jamshed was an academy in himself…a hero of two generations i.e. the ‘Vital Signs’ generation and the generation that has seen him as a renowned Islamic Scholar, philanthropist, a successful businessman and famous Naat Khwan.

JJ’s heart was his guide so I feel God granted him the best of both the worlds.

Seeing his coffin draped in Pakistan flag and the guard of honour given to him, I remembered that once in ARY Digital’s Shan-e-Ramzan transmission,  Junaid explained his sudden transformation from a singer to preacher.

He said that one of the turning points in his life was the suicidal deaths of some famous singers.

He said he used to think that why they committed such an act when they were at the peak of their careers. The answer he found was that their (singers’) hearts were empty and restless for they were not on the right path.

Now, the whole world has seen how graceful JJ’s journey to the next world was!



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