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The brand saga

Back in 90s, buying clothes for summers or winters was not a difficult task.

People used to prefer “comfortable and quality fabric” and used to get that stitched as per their measurements and style. A particular style or “cut” used to stay atleast for two or three years.

Boutiques used to display and sell stitched outfits and they were definitely considered shopping place for elites.

Times changed and altered trends likewise. Brands started getting the limelight and non branded fabric got sidelined. In the same way, style and fashion changed rapidly.

This new craze for brands and “signature outfits” changed the game totally. Now it is more about flaunting the outfit (and never repeating it again) than serving the basic purpose of clothing.

Celebrities display their outfit of the day regularly on social media and this OOTD craze is already making people insane.

Cherry on the top is rapidly changing stitching styles and fashion. A particular cut liked in summers would be entirely different during next months.

This has created an environment of competition and restlessness all around. Dresses one buys or gets stitched from tailor totally get out of fashion the very next season. Icing on the cake is the claptrap trend of not repeating an outfit.

The particular signature thought “log kya kahaingay” hits the chord exactly the moment when one decides to repeat an outfit.

A great marketing strategy opted by brands is to launch collection for a particular day or occasion by calling it limited edition. I-e Green collection (14th August), sawan collection, Black collection etc. People go crazy and buy it to brag it. Also their sales are a big hit with masses and women go gaga over it.

This brand craze has forced shopkeepers of non branded fabric to sell branded replicas since those who can’t afford brands, can buy those replicas and can satisfy their inner selves.

I know it is difficult to avoid buying branded kapra but at least one can try not to fall victim to this brand game and atleast buy lesser than before. This may help to lessen the prices of branded fabric since they are getting unaffordable now.

And kudos to all those who are still unaffected by this brand craze and are carrying off themselves so well.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.