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The Good Doctor

Harriot K. Hunt, an American physician and reformer said: “The prevailing idea is, that the doctor is to cure the disease. It is not so. The doctor and the patient together, are to cure or mitigate the disease. They must be coworkers.”…


Since August 14th, GoGoPanmasala is the new super hit entry in market. It is claimed that it was made after 16 years of struggle and has the solution for all ailments of the society.

Media mirror

Reporters all over the country are busy. Breaking news! Live coverage… Tickers… News reports… Headlines… News updates... and what not? All the news channels cover it. It is discussed in talk shows. The next…

Smart Gadgets Stupid People

This slogan has become quiet viral in our society now. Everybody has acceptance to it but doesn’t want to make efforts for changing it. Everyone is sailing in the same boat of technology hub. Daily efforts are being…