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Safeguarding Women of Pakistan

Amidst heavy clouds of war hysteria and India-Pakistan braggadocio after Uri attack and purported surgical strikes, Pakistani parliament has passed a landmark, highly awaited and commendable bill of toughening laws related to rape and…

Behind Closed Doors.

Majority of the people have a valid reason regarding the goody-goody features of marriage but some marriages are just Disgraces in Disguise. Rape itself is an upsetting word to hear. Imagine people going through the trauma every single day…

Dreadful story of an AAM AADMI

She screamed so loud her vocal chords swelled. Her rapist didn’t pay any heed to her clamorous begging for release. He held her wrists so tight, they turned blue. He laughed as she begged for mercy. Farzana was raped,…