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Is your privacy protected on Facebook

Social Media platforms have given the “power Of broadcasting” in hands of common people but at the same time it has created major personal data privacy issues . The shocking revelations about how data firm Cambridge Analytica exploited…

Satire: Unfriended from Facebook

Jan 1, 2016 My dear Facebook friend, You are being Unfriended… I had made a new year’s resolution to create a Cull (kill) list of all those FB friends whom I felt were surplus to my social network. It seems that your name appeared on top…

The Good Doctor

Harriot K. Hunt, an American physician and reformer said: “The prevailing idea is, that the doctor is to cure the disease. It is not so. The doctor and the patient together, are to cure or mitigate the disease. They must be coworkers.”…

Life without Facebook

Facebook has taken up the control of our lives dangerously. We let it hold the reins of our happiness and sorrows. Making us stuck at the screens while we miss out on the beautiful things has become a daily routine.

Give Peace A Chance!

A few days ago, when the world was remembering Nelson Mandela, I was looking for a quote from Madiba to post as my Facebook status. I chose ""People must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate they can be taught to love for love comes…