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Democracy, Debts and Development!

Every time you sink into your chair to write something positive about civilian governments, over the years in Pakistan, you find it difficult to gather your thoughts and paint a picture worth looking at. Pakistan, a self-sufficient…

بادشاہی تو صرف الله کی ہے

Ú©Ú†Ú¾ دن قبل ہمارے قابل احترام وزارت پانی Ùˆ بجلی، جسے وزارت لوڈشیڈنگ کہاجاۓتوزیادە بہتر ہے Ú©Û’ وزیر جناب خواجہ آصف کا بیان گوش گزار ہوا…

Exploding Population and the Philosopher-King

In much of the developed, as well as developing, world population growth is slowing. Unluckily, the same is not true of Pakistan. Pakistan, now the 5th most populous country in the world (according to unofficial sources, as no census has…