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Sometimes even stress can be good for you!

Our body’s reaction towards the change that needs a response or adjustment is called Stress.

As it is a common part of our daily life. Stress can be experienced from our environment, body and from our feelings or thoughts. There are also many positive changes in daily life such as mortgage and promotion.

How can be stress good for you?

According to specialist and experts, stress is good as it is a burst of power and energy, which essentially counsel us about what to perform. In little dosage, stress may have several benefits.

For example:

• To meet our daily life challenges stress can help us and also inspire us to achieve our goals.

• Stress motivates us to complete our tasks more accurately.

• Our memory can boost up.

• Stress also acts as a warning system, flight or fight response can be stimulated.

• After receiving some stress, our brain starts to overflow of some chemicals such as norepinephrine, epinephrine and cortisol.

• It can create many reactions like raise in blood pressure and heart rate.

Bad stress

The alarming situation of stress is chronic stress. The chronic stress occur when someone frequently face the stressors which receive a serious toll and unavoidable feelings. For instance an unhappy life or a hectic job can produce chronic stress. As our bodies are not planned for chronic stress, so some health issues can be faced that can be emotional, physical or both, if someone interact with chronic stress for a long time.

Good Stress VS Bad Stress

“Eustress” or so called “Good stress” is a kind of stress that someone feels when gets happy or excited. The hormones of body change, the pulse go faster, other than fear or threat. While riding a roller coaster, for any promotion or for any test or exams stress boost our energy. For the good stress there are several activators, which can feels us excited, alive and happy about the life.

Different Sources of Good Stress?

For having good stress, the selection of activities which makes us happy and excited about life is important. It is a good option to remove stressful activities from our daily life that can drain us, or move towards the chronic stress.

A good method to measure that an activity is worth your time is to give concentration that do you feel excitement about thinking. Do all those things you really want to do. Following things helps us to know more about the good stress.

• For good stress adopting some hobbies are amazing. By incorporating hobbies in daily life, we can create a great balance in life.

• Another source of healthy stress in goal –setting.

How Bad Stress Can Become Good Stress?

It is not possible to convert all type of bad stress in good stress, but the perception of stressor in someone life can b changed. The experience of stress in your observation can be shift, because the stress response of our body reacts very effectively when receives some threats.

• The social connectivity plays a vital role in the physical and mental health; it can drain you out from hectic or stressful thoughts.

• Listening to your favorite music can makes you to feel good and fresh.

• For balancing mood laughter is very good chemical response.

• Mindfulness and breathing can create a good effect on our autonomic nervous system.

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