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Social Media and ‘Fifth Generation Warfare’ in Pakistan

Military think tanks have recently adopted fifth generation warfare to destabilize other countries in order to achieve their strategic interests, which cannot be accomplished even with the full fledged war.

DG ISPR, the spokesperson of Pakistan’s military, had used the term fifth generation warfare’ during an interview, claiming that enemy states have launched it against Pakistan.

The prevalent rationale of fifth generation warfare is to widen the gap between people of Pakistan and armed forces of Pakistan, so that the latter cannot perform their functions well and the enemies of Pakistan can take full advantage of the situation and exploit the circumstances in their strategic interests.

Another purpose of this fifth generation warfare is to create chaos and anarchy in the country, creating confusion and disappointment among youth and spreading disinformation is also part of this fifth generation warfare; this all can even result in the disintegration of Pakistan.

If we look at all the possible tools of fifth generation warfare, then undoubtedly, social media appears as the biggest weapon of the fifth generation warfare.

Other tools are electronic and print media, political meetings and protests, poor condition of law and order and waning institutions etc. The enemies of Pakistan chiefly use social media to destabilize Pakistan.

It is the immense love of people of Pakistan, which makes the armed forces of Pakistan to perform their duties perfectly and making defense of the country invincible. Armed Forces of Pakistan are not only responsible for the defense of the geographical boundaries of the country in case of any foreign aggression but also responsible for the integrity of Pakistan.

The critical geo-strategic location of Pakistan even enhances their role in national security.

The first and foremost target of the enemies of Pakistan is to create disinformation among people of Pakistan about the military and for this purpose their primarily focus is on social media.

Social media is continuously being used for malicious propaganda against the military.

Social media is also used to promote sectarian violence, which has always been a very sensitive issue in Pakistan. The sectarian violence diminishes the harmony and unity in the society, which is directly threat to national security.

Nationalism and provincialism is one of the biggest threat and challenge to the national security.

Social media is encouraging these and inciting the people to launch separatist movements.

Another goal of foes of Pakistan is to provoke linguistic riots in Pakistan by using this social media. There are many hatred speeches easily available in social media to fulfill their purpose.

Social media is spreading disappointment among youth in Pakistan that very soon economy of Pakistan will collapse and ultimately Pakistan will disintegrate, which has resulted in unaffordable loss for Pakistan and both local and foreign investments have been halted in Pakistan.

Social media is the main source of propagating fake news and through these fake news; it is consistently defaming institutions of Pakistan, which are vital for the stability and prosperity of the country.

Ideology of Pakistan, which is foundation of Pakistan, social media is playing a vital role in deteriorating this ideology, especially among youth. Opponents of Pakistan and ideology of Pakistan want to make foundation of Pakistan hollow.

Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and cyber crime wing of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) are very active to annihilate the enemies of Pakistan supporting fifth generation warfare against Pakistan in social media, but still there are many uncertainties and ambiguities in winning this war.

Most of the anti-Pakistan stuff is being prepared and distributed from outside Pakistan. So, it is very difficult to take any action against them. The foreign intelligence agencies from foreign land are doing all this to sponsor this fifth generation warfare against Pakistan.

There are a lot of fake accounts in social media making it very difficult for the law enforcement agencies dealing with cyber crimes to identify the real culprit, which is ultimately a big hurdle to tackle this menace.

Unfortunately, there are no such tools and techniques to ban certain pages, people and groups from social media propagating against Pakistan.

The only option is to shut down the whole social media, which is not viable in the current scenario, as millions of Pakistanis are using social media and for most of the overseas Pakistanis, it is the main source to keep in contact with their family and friends in home. Shutting down social media is also against the fundamental and constitutional rights of Pakistanis.

Culprits creating chaos and anarchy and explaining the narrative of enemies of Pakistan through social media must be put behind the bar and punished strictly as per cyber crime laws. Besides this, general public must be well informed and acquainted through social media and also through print and electronic media about this fifth generation warfare.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.