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So What Does Reham Khan Want?

The leaked “manuscript” of Reham Khan’s upcoming autobiography causing flutter in the country and many think it is aimed to crush the cricketer-turned-politician’s campaign in the upcoming general elections.

Reham Khan, a social activist and journalist,, got married to the cricketer turned politician, Imran Khan in 2015, however the couple decided to part ways in less than a year.

According to her, the unpublished book attempts to feature her personal life and her journey through different continents and cultures and mentions something about Imran Khan’s ‘BlackBerry’ phone.

As the famous saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword.

The book is not yet out but the bigger or one can say that the biggest question is that what does Reham Khan want out of this book or should PTI be concerned about this over-hyped biography?

Soon after the purported extracts of the explosive memoir became public, some of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leaders and a huge number of party’s followers were shocked and worried about how the whole thing might harm PTI’s electoral ambitions and dent its years-long struggle.

They accused the former BBC weather girl of joining hands with the rival Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) as a part of the ploy to scupper the flamboyant cricketer’s prospects in the run up to the coming elections.

The PML-N had already been under a state of shock after the Supreme Court of Pakistan evicted its leader and former prime minister Nawaz Sharif last year leading to a lifelong ban to do politics consequently.

Imran Khan, who led Pakistan to cricket world cup glory back in 1992, has worked extremely hard to make his party a force to reckon with.

PTI wants all Pakistanis to vote for its candidates and the publication of such a book which reportedly contains accusations of infidelity and portraying Khan as dodgy and hypocrite could dent his reputation among his supporters ending up risking his political future till hell freezes over.

Reham may be claiming that the book has nothing to do with politics but as it is reported to hit the market in early July, just before the general elections, one can’t just overlook the political storm this biography might bring.

The leaked part doing rounds on social media has chapters like “the Cocaine and Heroin” and “Girls, Boys, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll” clearly show that the book, if published as it is, might be branded defamatory but can confuse the voters and adversely impact the electoral campaign.

Pakistan’s legendary cricketer Wasim Akram, Reham’s first husband Ijaz Rehman and a British-Pakistani woman belonging to PTI has already initiated legal action against Reham.

Some analysts believe such books or campaigns seldom affect the voter’s choice on the final day and may even effect Reham’s reputation in turn but some believe voters might not get convinced by her allegations but will definitely get confused.

Whether or not will this book and its author play a part in influencing the fate of the most talked about general elections is yet to been seen.

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