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How Close Are We To World War III

Conflicts that involve worlds biggest military powers cannot be explained so easily.

Let us see what has happened in the near past.

On March 13 , poisoning of former Russian Spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in United Kingdom made Russia and Britain indulge into the war of words and for sure the diplomatic war.

UK , US and European Union states expelled several Russian diplomats from their respective territories as a result .Russia did the same with them.

While we were observing Sino-US trade war, chemical attack on Syria took US-Russia relations at a breaking point! As we know that President Trump feels restless without tweeting , so as usual he tweeted again on Wednesday morning, warning Russia to “get ready” for imminent missile attacks against Syria.

As a result ,Russia also warned earlier on Wednesday that she is ready to strike back against United States missile strikes over Syria.

Defense chiefs in Russia say they will immediately respond to any missile strike on their military units in Syria . Tensions between US and Russia have been skyrocketed in past two months.

How we can forget North Korea!

We have seen Kim Jong-un proudly declaring North Korea a nuclear state in November 2017 , after successfully launching ICBM Hwasong-15.


The missile stayed in air ,flew for fifty minutes before ending its journey in the Sea of Japan.

So it is clear that in any possible international conflict, Kim will show his power .

In the light of events that occurred in last two months, I think that the world is moving towards something worst ! It would be difficult to predict specific consequences-like whether there will be a World War or not – but for sure things won’t end up well.

Just think of a situation when countries having nuclear arsenals , break all diplomatic ties and cut all communication cables (thank God that is not a case here), the only option they have is to indulge in a war!

They would start with conventional ones but with egos , national security concerns and nationalism on peak , they will go for the last option ,that is, the use of nuclear weapons!

President Trump had said that his first order after he became president of United States was to develop and modernize US nuclear weapons.

He has claimed that now the country has one of the most powerful nuclear missile systems. US is the only country that has fifth generation (the most advanced) fighter jets.

Russia and China are currently working on the manufacturing of new stealth fighters. It is now believed that North Korea has developed missiles having capability of hitting United States territories .

North Korea has more than a million army personnel and 73 submarines (more than Russia and United States) . The nation has access to 4000 tanks , but only 280+ helicopters . Russian army has 240 thousand military personnel , 2700 tanks , 850 helicopters ,1090 fighter jets , with a defense expenditure of nearly $70 billion .

US has 409 thousand military personnel ,5430 helicopters , 2390 tanks ,1442 fighter jets ,with a total defense spending of $611 billion ! Chinese army has 1.6 army personnel with a total defense budget of $215 billion .

Let us talk about the number of nuclear weapons these countries possess .

Russia has 92 % of all nuclear arsenals on the planet earth ,that is 6600 nuclear weapons ! US has 6450, China ranks number fourth with 270 nuclear weapons and North Korea has less than 15 (Source: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Nuclear Notebook) .

I think that countries won’t go for a direct nuclear war. It will be a sort of proxy World War III or a Cold World War III or you may give it another name.

As Newton’s third law of motion says “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, same applies while nation-states conduct international relations.

Fear of facing an equal and opposite reaction, stops countries from using their nuclear stockpile.

With such massive amount of powerful weapons on earth, how one can think of an absolute peace. It is relative, indeed.

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