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Shattered souls: when marriages don’t work out

She was sitting on those footsteps where he last stepped. He was gone for days leaving her restless, but she kept lightening the flame of hope. His promise of returning kept her eyes shining. Her mother tried her best to console her tender soul, while nothing relieved her agony. Samana was going to an unknown world. It scared her, yet he could only bring her back.

Marriage decisions are taken very irrationally in our culture, due to which many poor souls get crushed. Marriage is a contract which can be ended when certain conditions apply, but to leave your husband is considered a sin in our society, whereas Islam gives the permission to leave when she can’t take it anymore. Every child deserves to grow in a proper family atmosphere. Just like a seed, a child needs proper care and affection to grow into a healthy individual of a society.

When the child becomes an adult, we blame him for turning into a crippled person of the society. Who can be blamed and how to stop this irrational practice, due to which countless children suffer. Marriage is about understanding, when you can’t understand the other person how can you live with that person. The way women of our society compromise putting up with physical and mental torture silently. Is that the right way to do so?

The innocent souls have to bear the screams and cries of their parents. How badly his parent’s relation affects the child, his tiny heart knows. The way he tries to survive in this harsh world and how many problems he faces only he knows. Many talented kids turn into a barren land where no flower ever grows. Who is responsible for these kids?

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