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Black is beautiful but that morning show episode was horrible

The recent controversy regarding a morning show where the host and her team were trying to address our country’s “obsession with fair skin” has drawn a lot of attention and rightly so.

While the host did choose an important social issue to address her approach was quite misplaced and inappropriate.

The whole episode was a reminiscent of how, as a nation, our colonial hangover refuses to die down, be it our fascination with pale skin and light eyes, or a servitude mentality, this is one stubborn hangover.

Being a female, I am all too familiar with how fair skin is a metric of one’s success in our social set up.

In today’s age of globalization and multiculturalism, it is important to do away with archaic mindsets that refuse to celebrate diversity.

And there have been one too many instances where girls are rejected for marriage proposals based on their dark skin tones.

This discrimination and racism in today’s time should have no place in our society.

But there should be a well thought way to address such contentious and sensitive social topics.

The host chose to paint the models faces “black” to prove how beauty should not be color specific.

I think that is exactly the opposite of how this issue should be tackled with. Why not bring models that are darker skinned and initiate a campaign where dark is beautiful? What the show did was actually mock this important topic.

I saw some of the pictures from the show and was appalled at the gross insensitivity of how it was dealt with. I think our media needs to be coached on how NOT to deal with racism.

I remember when Nandita Das in India was the spokesperson for the “Dark is Beautiful” campaign.

Maybe, we can take a few tips from that.

I do laud the host’s efforts for highlighting an important issue. It is of utmost important that the next generation of females we are raising are not insecure about their beauty based on the shade of their skin.

The self-esteem or worth of a female should not be defined by how “gori” she is.

For this, awareness raising is critical and media is the best platform to do so. The media fraternity can play an important role in this regard by promoting talent that does not conform to the conventional standards of beauty.

Recently, I came across a marketing campaign by a clothing brand who chose some unconventional faces for their summer collection.

I could not have been happier to see their campaign which celebrated diversity beautifully.

Moving forward, this is the approach that needs to be adopted.

There are positive changes taking place around us and as a citizen we should laud efforts made by such socially conscious brands so that the beauty construct can evolve.

It will be a collective effort but an effort that will pay us in the form of confident and empowered women and oh, this country needs that!


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