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Real or fake soft drinks: How to differentiate?

Soft drinks mainly describe a beverage that typically contains water as the core ingredient, followed by carbon dioxide, sugar, preservative and natural or artificial flavoring agent.

These can be called by many names .e.g. soda, pop, coke, soda pop and fizzy drinks, which are being consumed by individuals of all ages around the globe, and it is indeed a “Billion Dollar Industry”.

Over 34 billion gallons of soft drinks are sold in over 200 countries each year, generating revenue of billions of dollars.

soft drinks

Multinational beverage companies are spending millions of dollars every year not only for the introduction of new flavors in the market,but also assuring the production and supply of top-notch cola drinks by the deployment of advanced bottling units.

On the other hand, keeping in view the immense popularity of these drinks, the corrupt segment of the society, especially in under-developed and developing countries, has started to exploit it in their favor by producing fake cola drinks, which impart detrimental effects on the health of the consumers. As their usage exceeds to maximum level especial in summer season, these culprits take advantage of this situation. Following are few destructive effects of these fake drinks:

Harmful effects of fake cola drinks

1. The bottles that are used in the manufacturing of these fake drinks are collected from trash, and are not washed properly, having various types of germs and that can cause dangerous illnesses to consumers.

2. The water used in the manufacturing of these drinks is not distilled, so it may cause typhoid or hepatitis like diseases.

3. The colors used in fake soft drinks, are actually industrial dyes that are highly injurious to health & and may cause kidney failure.

Keeping in view the above mentioned life threatening effects of these fake drinks, one should have knowledge of simple methods, through which anyone can easily distinguish between the Real and Fake Cola Drinks.

The methods are as follows:

Check the Water Level

It is the most easy and effective method of checking the fake drinks . Whenever you enter a shop selling these drinks, crates are stacked on one another, outside the shop.

Check the water level of the bottles keenly.

If there is a huge variation in water level the bottles are fake, because fake soft drinks are filled manually, so there exists a huge variations in the filling process.

Real soft drink manufacturers have automated filling plants, so there are less chances of variation and the possible variation in fillings is also mentioned i.e. + 5ml or -5ml deviation may occur in 250ml soft drink bottles , but this deviation is significantly high in fake soft drinks.

Bottle Shaking

The second method of checking is by shaking the bottles. Take any soft drink bottle and shake it well.Nowobserve the bottle in the presence of visible light , if particles appear in the bottle, the cola drink is fake, because in the manufacturing of fake bottles used bottles are re-used instead of new bottles, which are collected from the trash, and are not washed properly. Moreover, tap water is being used instead of filteredwater, which left its traces in the final product.

Check the label and bottle condition

Check the bottle and label and if you notice any damage in the bottle or scratches on the label, the soft drinks are fake because fake drink manufacturer want to reduce the manufacturing cost, in orderto increase the profit margin.

So, they fill used bottles that are thrown by customers after consumption. Only the caps of these bottles will be new, because caps cannot be used again and again due to sealing. However, crowns that are used to seal glass bottles may be used repeatedly.

Check the crown of glass bottles

Hold any glass bottle from crown side in your hand, and rotate it in your hand , if the corners of the crown are sharp and hurt your hand the soft drink is real, but if the corners are smooth so the soft drink is fake, because corner of the crown become smooth due to constant reuse.

Preventive measures

1. If you notice the above mentioned signs, boycott the seller and the product, it will help to discourage the fake market.

2. Always puncture the bottles after consuming so that these bottles will not be used again for the manufacturing of fake bottles.

3. Always purchase new, undamaged, sealed, scratch free labeled soft drinks.

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