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Ramadan Is Here Habibi!

Muslims wake up before the crack of dawn for ‘Suhoor’ or ‘Sehri,’ with the help of constant alarm clocks, yelling mothers, or sometimes nonstop phone calls from friends. We somehow manage to drag ourselves out of bed and proceed to stuff our faces with omelets, parathas, yogurts and what not, it is rare that we even get hungry at this hour, and even rarer for that food to actually last that long in our tummies.

Once we are done with stuffing our bellies after Sehri, we try to get some sleep, but that is obviously interrupted by repeated interval breaks to the loo. Thanks to the gallons of water we consume. Our poor, overworked bladders race against time to provide us with the ultimate urinary experience. And then, we wake up again and again then to go to school or work or Hogwarts, wherever lies our devotion. Sigh.

The month of Ramadan holds a special place in all our hearts and how can we forget that a momentary lapse of ‘Roza awareness’ takes place and we pop that piece of food right into our lonely mouths but we spit it right back out when the realization strikes. About a hundred gargles later, our heart finally quits pounding and we come at peace.

With Ramadan, arrive all the family gatherings, heavy Iftari and the food baby that comes after it. It’s not every day that you sit together to have a meal, or head for Sehri with friends. Personally I love all Sehri plans that lead to sunrises and chaai parathas. Divine.

Many of us are not too fond of dragging ourselves out after a heavy Iftari but apparently Ramadan brings that in us, and we head out for a jamaat in a mosque, so no matter how lazy you get or how much your dad keeps on honking  for you, you do head for the taraavi sessions.

Well our media plays its part to portray the true essence of Ramadan too weather its ‘kisne kaha tha pepsi 65 ki kerdo’or ‘har cheez meezan mein achi lagti hai’ or better yet the most popular Shan ad from last year that grasped the attention of the public, everyone including me loved the ad and so did we love the parodies that followed it. Our media never fails to partake in all the current events. The advertising agencies make ads especially for Ramadan plus we see all the live transmissions related to Ramadan, Charity Organizations work day in day out to make sure they fulfill the true demand of the Holy Month.

The other day I was flipping channels and came across this new ad.  Advertisements run during Ramadan have their own uniqueness. This year two brands have come together to promote ‘doodh soda.’ I for one have never seen something like this. Although ‘doodh soda’ is a much loved beverage especially during the month of Ramadan and at the time of iftar when you feel you are absolutely drained, it works like magic and charges you up.

Even the telecommunication industry would take part to create the vibe and would come up with all kinds of Ramadan packages for those of us who would spend their time talking over the phone while waiting for Sehr and Iftar. Digital media or traditional, it all makes the effort to keep the vibe alive and even the people living abroad feel like they’re a part of it and are not missing out on anything at all which is pretty cool I must say.

Putting everything aside I believe that we must fulfill our responsibilities during Ramadan, not only towards The Almighty, in fact, towards the people around. I for one would like to request you all to make a pact and make sure to be even better than the previous years, try our best to take care of the people around us and make it a memorable Ramadan for them as well. Oh and don’t forget to have fun at late night shopping’s and cricket matches in your colony. Happy Ramadan!

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