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Plant trees, plant hope

Trees are our closest relatives.

What they expire we inspire, what we expire they inspire.

They give us oxygen and in return take the carbon dioxide expired by us and store large amounts of carbon in their tissues.

Nearly 18 people get oxygen from 1 acre of trees, annually. This is a mutual association between two organisms where each rely on the other and can’t survive without it.

Did you ever imagine how the earth will look without trees? Dull, dreary and barren for sure.

Trees planted today will benefit you socially, economically and environmentally in the coming decades. Trees are serene part of our earth.

Even sitting under a tree makes us feel so relax, calm and close to the nature. We feel a calming effect from being near the trees.

Planting a tree is a lifetime and lifelong investment one can make.

You plant a tree it grows and is advantageous to the whole ecosystem. Advantages of trees go beyond enjoying their beauty. You get fruit to eat, shade from sunlight, combat climate changes and most importantly you clean the atmosphere around.

A certain sort of relaxation from anxiety, stress and fatigue is felt. Healing process of the sick is triggered.

‘’ And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul’’

How much profit you get from this investment depends on the type of the tree and the fact that how much care do you provide during planting and after planting it.

Pakistan has suffered a huge loss of green belts from the past few decades due to three principle reasons: deforestation, afforestation and lack of reforestation.

Temperatures rose to record high last year as well as this year.

A severe heatwave was witnessed across Sindh and lower parts of Punjab. Which was followed by dehydration, sunburns, sweats and dizziness. Several people were terribly affected.

None of us thought of the lack of forests, as a reason to the extreme rise in temperature. Owing to the shortage of green spaces specially in the urban areas, the large amounts of carbon dioxide that we exhale is not absorbed by trees, due to their shortage, so the surplus amount strikes the stratosphere and depletes the Ozone leading to extreme rising temperatures of Earth more commonly known as Global Warming.

Let’s replace deforestation with reforestation and restore our greenery.

Let’s give our coming generations a green, healthy and pollution free Pakistan.

It is often said: ‘’Plant a tree today, save your generation tomorrow’’

Independence Day is a proud day for the nation. This August 14, in remembrance of our brave leaders and freedom-fighters let’s give our country something which it is in need of. Let’s give it a valuable gift of trees.

In addition to decorating our country with green flags and other green stuff this Independence day, why not make it worth doing by planting trees.

If each one of us plants a tree this day we succeed in planting millions of trees and in this way we give a precious gift to our motherland which sustains for many many years to come.

Children can be taught to plant trees in their school. Youth can plant trees in their backyards and hometown. Volunteers can also join social welfare organizations to plant trees.

Referring to a Chinese proverb the second best time to plant a tree is now.

It is often said:  He who plants a tree, plants a hope

The youth should plant trees today so that we can conserve our environment, restore our greenery and play our part in making our country the true ‘’Pak-Sar-Zameen’’

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