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1965 in 2019!

The night of February 26, 2019, followed by the bright crisp morning of February 27, 2019, will go down in history as ‘horror surprise’ for a ‘fascist’ Indian government whose pilots dared to enter Pakistan but then were shot down by the hawks of our skies in a matter of seconds.

They were badly mistaken in underestimating the power of the world’s best air force and I took pity on their over assessment of capabilities of their forces! (Hi becharay! get the new syllabus, please … post-1947!)

While in the freezing nights, when we were in our quilts and blankets in the comfort of our homes, there above the soldiers of skies were awake with their blood and soul charged with the warmth of patriotism to safeguard the freedom of our skies and borders.

And I want to say here that though the magnanimity of 1965 war is beyond words to describe but if one wants to see a glimpse of it … 27th February is the date to mark on your calendars!

‘Operation Swift Retort’. whose name I used to guess after February 27 that how that victorious morning would be recalled in history when the ears heard the best of news i.e. shooting down of two Indian planes by our shaheens, a ‘surprise’ by Pakistan that led to hosting ‘fantastic tea’ to a poor Indian chap who didn’t have knowledge of the geography of his own country and was kept asking where he had landed (Let me laugh!).

How Indian jets were shot down by PAF – Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha (DCAS-O) reveal truth

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfpHEwDv_wcHow Indian jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force – Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha DCAS (Operations) reveal truth

Publiée par PAF Falcons sur Samedi 14 septembre 2019

To have complete details of this operation, one should save on their devices the biggest PAF show of the year ‘Mujahideen e Aflak ko Salam’ aired on September 14, 2019, where the legends of this operation spoke to the nation for the very first time.

Air Marshal Haseeb Paracha briefed and revealed the details of 27th February operation.

Then came- if I use the right word the ‘SLAYERS’-  the new generation of MM Alam and Asghar Khan, Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan and Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui, the two hero pilots who brought biggest war trophies of the recent times when they shot down two Indian jets.

The Nightmare of Indian Air Force

The two brave sons of the soil, Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Noman Ali who shot down Indian jets on February 27, 2019 gives a special message to the nation during PAF event.Watch in HD: https://youtu.be/gXk9YFkf1Ts#ARYNews #PakistanAirForce #27FEB #Abhinandan

Publiée par ARY News sur Samedi 14 septembre 2019

What a moment it was to watch and hear their Heroic narration and then that blood warming sentence by Squadron leader Hassan:

“For the nation …sleep tight, we are awake”

And then you won’t stop at this … as then comes the moment when the Air Chief of the best airforce in the world sings ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ and he has a melodious voice too!

Overall this PAF show will make you jump with Jazba and Junoon!

All I want to conclude here is that three years before General Raheel Sharif in a defense day ceremony had said ‘HUM TAYYAR HAIN’ for any aggression be it in any form, so for India,  this 27th February 2019 makes perfect horror story for your new generation to watch and hear every night and we won’t mind if every day … and in General Pervez Musharraf’s words:

‘Don’t mess with Pakistan again. Beware! we are ready because our Airforce is awake’!!’

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