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Once upon a time, there was a feudal!

Once upon a time, there lived a feudal in the times when Pakistan came into being. Unlike the traditional feudals, this man had a very pleasing personality.

He was kind and education loving.

He was so wealthy that his sons can have best education in the most prestigious institutes of world, but he was worried about the education of people of his area.

He was a Member of Punjab Legislative Assembly also. After independence, Punjab Government planned for building a college in province.


When it called upon Members of Punjab Legislative Assembly and put forth plan and issues of funding, that feudal astonished everyone by offering large chunk of his most precious land that was at the centre of the city.

He gave a hefty amount from his personal kitty also.

And in return, what did he demand? Nothing!

That visionary leader just wanted a college for his people in his city. That college was named just Government Degree College.

It was never named after him. Neither a single block got named after him even. He never desired for his name. He was such a selfless soul whose personality was greater than having things named after him.

By the courtesy of efforts, donations and land of that great man, a college was built in his city.

A ray of hope emerged for the poor residents of his area who could not afford going to big cities for education. His dream came true and history later saw that college spawned many generals, top bureaucrats, scientists, professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers and many other professionals.

Besides this college, that exemplary leader allowed government to establish a Girls High School at his own house. Throughout life he patronized a Boys High School which was built by his father.

He also established a stipend fund to support the deserving intelligent students.

Besides education, he was a kind-hearted personality in every matter. He used to give his personal land to nomads to settle. He used to help them generously.

Octogenarian elders of his city still remember how that feudal used to support countless poor ones at his time secretly.

When last time of that legendary feudal came, he transferred his great vision to his descendants by urging them in his will to serve for humanity.

After him, his descendants continued his glorious tradition of helping the poor. They loved education just like him. They established schools and continued the dignified pathway of supporting poor students.

A lot of questions will be haunting the minds of readers like who was he? Which was his city? Which College he established?

So in the last I am disclosing all this by paying my respects to that hero. That great legendary leader was Raja Sarfraz Khan of Chakwal who established Government Degree College Chakwal at his own personal land.

Now this college has become Government Post Graduate College Chakwal and it is a sub-campus of University of Gujrat also.

Throughout his life, Raja Sarfraz Khan patronized Government Islamia High School Chakwal. He remained member of Punjab Legislative Assembly for 29 years almost, from 1929 to 1958.

This is the true story of a true hero of Chakwal, true hero of Pakistan. If our leaders follow the footsteps of such great leaders then, no doubt, we could rise to the glories and become a great nation of world.

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