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Nawaz Sharif’s ouster is good news for Pakistan

Mr. Nawaz Sharif has been the subject of numerous discussions in family events, college debates, and social media over the past few months.

Be it the Panama case, or load shedding, or urban development, he has been a target of multiple grievances.

I, myself, know of many who have spoken against the ways in which he has ruled our country, as a king, instead of as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

So imagine my disappointment, when I wake up today morning to read these very people undermining the beauty of the Supreme Court’s decision against him.

He has been disqualified, on the basis of a certain definition of ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Amin’ that he fails to fall under.

Democracy has been derailed, they say. Democracy, my friends, isn’t defined by who can stay in office the longest. Democracy flourishes, not only on the basis of how it appears on paper or by the count of our votes, but by how well it upholds the values, laws and procedures for the people it means to serve.

And that is exactly what happened in Pakistan on the 28th of July, 2017.

Nawaz Sharif, a man who violated the people’s trust, stole what is rightfully theirs, and turned away from the needs of the have-nots, is no longer above the law. Those who come after him will have to face a judiciary that is not afraid to hold them accountable.

His own family, bold as they appear behind the 140 characters of Twitter, have lost what little respect they had. We are on our way to becoming a nation that will no longer tolerate the likes of our former Prime Minister. Nawaz Sharif’s ouster, irrespective of what some might say, is good news for Pakistan.

The nuances brought up in light of this decision, the blame on PTI’s Imran Khan for conspiring to denounce Nawaz Sharif, people seem to believe somehow belittle Nawaz Sharif’s crime.

If our former prime minister had ruled this country as an honest, righteous man, no Imran Khan would have been able to make a case against him.

These non-issues are nothing but a feeble attempt to minimize the importance of the judgement declared on July 28.

There are many who demand that everyone in suspicion of corruption be tried under a similar procedure, why must only the Prime Minister be punished.

Their demand for accountability for all is justified, but isn’t it brilliant that the first person to be screened be the ruler himself?

Has this decision magically fixed the political system of Pakistan? No. But it is no doubt a step in the right direction.

We can argue over the economic impact of losing Sharif, or fear the instability caused by his dismissal, but the economy was never dependent on only Sharif, and temporary instability holds little meaning in a country that is being ruled in chaos.

Today, we are free from the clutches of a corrupt leader, and if tomorrow brings another, we know we are all but equipped to oust them too.

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