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My e-personality & the real me

I laugh when I am sad. I shout when I am quiet. I cry when I have a rash smile on my face.

All fake am I! Where am I actually going?

I am afraid, I am going astray.

What an idiot I am! I should start thinking that there is something unwanted ruling over my personality.

What’s that?

Good heavens, it’s the other me; it’s my other personality which is not self-directed at all. To which what matters to me doesn’t matter. What others want me to be does.

What should I call it?

E-Personality (Electronic-Personality) that is!

Emotions are replaced with animations. Expressions are over-shadowed by smileys. Nothing is heartfelt. Everything is world-guided. The act of calling a spade a spade is history now. Bizarre- looking selfies are liked in order to get the likes in return. When the chat is on what is off is my soul. Forget about others. I am cheating on myself. Being selfish is natural and therefore can be accepted, but being electronic can never be.

Gone are the days when I used to live a true life. Mobile apps, Social websites etc. have brought about artificialism in my life. Professional life was enough to make me materialistic.

Becoming electronic has done no good to me. How long will I keep being what I am not? How long will this meaningless journey last? It’s high time for me to decide whether the happiness lies in being what I was in my childhood (the real me) or what I am today.

Can I do away with my E- Personality? Can I be real again?

We all have the answer. It’s about making an attempt, the attempt to kill the odds.

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