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My biggest regret is quitting school so early

Being a teacher, I always try to learn as much as I can regarding different people’s opinion about education, it’s importance or worthiness in today’s world.

Recently, I met a person at my friend’s office who was being interviewed for a job.

My friend walked out of the meeting room to attend an important call, so he requested me to carry on the interview for sometime.

When I asked him about his life & education, he narrated that, “in 2015, I lost a human’s most important power- the ability to walk. It was an ability which facilitated me to work on my own”.

In mid 2005, Asif was working at his elder’s brother warehouse as per his usual schedule then. At around 12pm, a consignment came filled with carpets.

It was nothing new as his brother was running carpet business as a wholesaler, but what happened after next few minutes was something which Asif or his brother never expected.

According to Asif, it was his weekly routine to lift the consignments and unload them in warehouse, but this time he had ‘underestimated the weight of the box filled with curtains & over estimated his own strength’.

As soon as Asif lifted the box, he fell on the floor & fainted. When he opened his eyes, he didn’t remember what happened after lifting that box & he was at hospital’s bed.

He was completely shocked and that situation was indescribable for him. As soon as he got his senses back and his condition became stable he inquired from his family what happened that time? Why was he there and what doctor had diagnosed or what are his remarks about Asif’s condition.

Tears began to flow from his eyes as soon as he heard his examination and medical report that he could never walk again. Due to inability to walk, he couldn’t work at his brother workplace anymore as his designation was of a lifter who lifts consignments and drops at his brother’s rented warehouse & his brother would then sell that material to different shops.

Asif applied for a variety of menial jobs at several places but he couldn’t make it because he was uneducated & couldn’t stand on his feet without any support.

While narrating this story to me his eyes were filled with tears.

Asif believes he is doubly disabled as he now considers illiteracy a disability too. He wishes had he been educated, he could have had a better present and a future, even after this life-changing incident.

He believes being educated could have earned him a better living. He considers life without education to be much worser than life without the ability to walk. Asif said his school friend lost his hand in an accident few years ago but he is still working at a good designation in a multinational company, all because he completed his education whereas Asif had left school after grade four.

While ending our interview, Asif said his biggest regret in his life is not picking that consignment due to which he lost the ability to walk, but quitting school so early.

Asif said he can’t complete his education now, but he tries his best that his son and daugther complete their education.

“No matter how hard conditions are, I am ready to sacrifice anything for my children’s education as I believe education can change a person’s life,” he said with a resolve.

I believe education reduces poverty, it increases individual earnings, reduces economic inequalities, promotes economic growth and education can change Pakistan’s present and future.

According to the economic survey of Pakistan our literacy rate has is just 58%.

I hope every Pakistani realises importance of education.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.