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Mind: A cooking pot for our thoughts

Cooking pot is a necessary utensil present in every kitchen.

It is utilized to cook food that becomes source of energy for our body and delicious meals that brings taste in our life and also makes our mood happy when we consume them.

Like cooking pot, our mind is also a utensil that is used to cook something very different but also very necessary – our thoughts.

Our mind is a cooking pot of thoughts and the meal which we prepare in it through raw thoughts are source of rejuvenation for our soul which indirectly also affect our body and have implications on ourself as well as all others around us.

Like a food which is under-cooked can increase chances of bacteria and virus passing through it in our body creating diseases which could be harmful.

Similarly, thoughts that have negative elements which appear to us or which we take from our surroundings if not properly processed by us in our mind can also increase chances of harmful ideas, negative perceptions and evil desires arousing in us.

But if contrary like food which is overcooked losses its nutrients and can get burned, similarly if fine thoughts are ponder upon too much can loose its efficacy and we would unable to get and feel their positive effects in our life like when we thought to do something positive at some particular moment but we continuously think about it again and again until the moment to act passes away and only disappointment is left.


The meal which is prepared in our mind also depends on the ingredients that we put inside the cooking pot of our mind. If we add sugar, we will get sweet flavor in our food and if we add anything bitter, the food will also taste bitter and will ruin the pleasure of our taste buds.

Therefore, when we take in negative thoughts, it will result in sadness, anxiety and depression taking hold of our life and if we focus on positive ones, it will bring joy and happiness in our life.

In its simplest form, this means that if we learn to harness the power of positive thoughts, we’ll attract more positive circumstances. However, if we’re negative, we’ll attract more negativity and pain.
We can name it the law of attraction of thoughts, according to which blessings and damnation are entirely up to us.

Think positively and we will call positive things to us but if we have a cynical, insecure, or pessimistic worldview, our negativity will be a self-inflicted, self-fulfilling prophecy.

New research are increasingly showing the impact of thoughts in our body which results in changes in our brain chemistry and circuitry through neuroplasticity, changes programming of our cells by bombarding our cells with different peptides and even in our genes through epigenetics.

So, cook your thoughts well next time in cooking pot of your mind and choose good and healthy ingredients to prepare the meal before consuming it because it will have deep and long term repercussions on your psychological and physiological health.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.