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Why the young maid sold her goats ahead of Eid-ul-Adha?

Eid is a very special festival for Muslims, especially children.

They wait for this festival the whole year. To be more specific, they love to own their personal goats, cows, camels and enjoy feeding them, taking them on a walk, roaming with them haughtily and playfully on streets, feeding them, playing with them etc.

Today, I’ll be sharing a story of a girl and her dear goats. Amna is a 13 year old girl. She works as a maid and does cleaning and dishwashing to earn her daily bread for survival. She had bought four goats a few years ago with her savings and fed them for all these years.

Unfortunately, she had to sell them few days ago in order have some extra money in hand to pay for utility bills, house rent, groceries etc. so she could live stress-free for at least a few weeks.
I happened to chance upon meeting her a few days ago and get to know her story one on one. While talking to her I realized that she misses her goats terribly.

Naturally, being a kid, she had gotten emotionally attached to them as she used to spend hours taking care of and playing with her goats.

Since this is the peak season when goats are high in demand and seller could make good profit because extreme demand, she decided to cash in on the opportunity. She said, “On selling my goats, our family will be able to afford and eat chicken, buy new clothes for Eid and live peacefully without any tension for few weeks easily or even months.

Since last three years we were waiting for this time, where I could sell my goats and gain benefits. Since my childhood, I have been working day and night as a maid at several houses without any vacation or break.

Even robots or machines need rest, but I could never have any time off as I was always forced to work for our survival. But finally now my hardwork has paid off and I have earned enough to afford few days leave.”

She further said “I was sad and couldn’t even sleep properly for last few days as I missed my goats; roaming with them, feeding them, their endearing voices; but this had to be done to avoid tears and crying voices of my family.”
Life is unfair and tough, but tougher if you are poor.

All we can hope is that there should come a day when at least children should have their heart’s desires fulfilled and wouldn’t need to go through heartbreaking comprises in life for materialistic things.

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