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Let us vote to change our fortunes!

We are so intense, emotional and sensitive when it comes to our family and our beloved ones.

And it’s an observable fact that whenever we or our beloved ones get ill or sick, we go to doctor for cure and if we don’t find any betterment in health condition after continuously visiting a doctor and following his prescription than what we do?

We drop that doctor and move to next one until get cure by visiting the right one.

We want the hand of best medical practitioners to treat our beloved, so as to avoid any least chance of negligence or malpractice because their health depends on it and even worse it can be matter of life and death in extreme cases, a little of negligence and malpractice at doctors end could cause death of the patient.

But what happens when it comes to our beloved country, when we have to select a doctor to cure the ailments of it.

Why we visit the same doctors again and again who have intentionally and willfully kept the disease of nation to remain in-diagnosed and whose prescriptions are of no use and even more, he has made the condition far more worse.

They deliberately and intentionally didn’t treat our homeland from all the ills, so they can take advantage of our misery and keep us subdued to intensify their power.

Instead of giving our homeland medicine, they injected it with slow dose of poison.

Is this what we do to our loved ones?

If the answer is ‘No’ than why we are neglecting and playing with the health and life of our beloved motherland and it doesn’t end here as we are compromising our identity and ourselves with it by showing no worth.

As Pericles who was a prominent and influential Greek statesman, orator and general during Golden Age of Athens stated:

“It does not matter whether a man prospers as an individual: if his country is destroyed, he is lost along with it.”

Our national identity which is affiliated with our country is a psychological state defined as “an awareness of difference”, a “feeling and recognition of ‘we’ and ‘they’ ” which is characterized by national pride and positive emotion of love for one’s country and this collective elements of national identity becomes important part of our definition of the self and how we view the world and our own place in it.

It has great psychological prominence.

Our country is our identity. We can talk for hours about negative aspects of our country but will it matter because the same country has given us identity, freedom and a place to call our own.

It is the place where we were born, nurtured and grew than it performed the same function as like mother who give us birth, feed us and take care of us. It give us identity and security which is the same features affiliated with father who give us our surname, an identity and protects his family. We are children of our homeland.

Than it’s our duty that when we attain age of maturity, strength and obligation, we don’t leave it to face the perils alone but to protect it as it protected us, nurture it as it nurtured us, take care of it as it took care of us.

Our country is on ventilator. It’s a do or die, make or break and now or never like situation for us. There is no time left to waste. It’s the unavoidable ground reality.

What can we do in this state of affair? What is our role in it? It is the same role which we play when our beloved ones health get worse, to find most suitable, sincere and responsible physician to cure it.

Because we don’t want an irresponsible, insincere and unsuitable physician or doctor to deal with a matter which can result in life or death of our beloved ones.

So why are we so negligent in selecting the right physician who will operate our country in intensive care unit. Why are we so afraid, lazy and passive to act for our country.

It’s not hidden from anyone that our country’s health is declining and the situation has become more critical due to negligence and malpractice of the attending doctors but still instead of being rational we are treating our patient through the same doctors again and again who have made the condition of patient worse, hence need to be changed.

It was a great tragedy for our nation when the founding father and great leader who built a separate home for us by the name of Pakistan, was not able to live much to handle its affairs.

After that moment it was like capable leadership skills just vanished from our country and after 80’s onward malignant, corrupt and devilish stock of leaders appeared over our country.

It was like a reign of terror for our nation. But from this debris, a ray of hope emerged that lightened up the environment and gave us hope that change is possible and that we can make a “Naya Pakistan“.

It is us responsible for giving our country in hand of mafia like a lamb handed over to a butcher to be slaughtered. Their greed has brought nothing but pain and agony to country and nation too.

Previously, our unjustified excuse for handing over our country to bandits was that we have no capable leader to choose.

But now when a leader is available, what are we waiting for?

When we know that the best doctor is available who can cure the ailments of our beloved motherland than what prevent us from crowning him to lead the nation as he is the best available choice being a true patriot, man of integrity, pride and identity of Pakistan and truthful and trustworthy.

No one is angel and imperfection is a trait of human beings. But what makes us human prominent that we continuously struggle for perfection.

We toil for the best. We reassess and reassemble things around us again and again until we achieve the most desirable optimal state.

It’s the same function which we have to perform again by selecting the best person to run our country.

PTI is a national party which have risen to such prominence in national politics which no other party has seen before.

Caravans of people are joining it day after day.

But where there are humans, there will be errors. Nowadays, the print and electronic media is reporting actively on mismanagement in issuance of party tickets by PTI which I consider a natural result arising from complexities of large number.

I don’t have much detail about other constituencies but I know that party’s dedicated workers were neglected in Attock and Mianwali.

But such instances, I believe, will hopefully be settled and may not count for any effect as to hold the revolution to bring change in the country by electing PTI as it is our only hope against previous mafias who ran our country like criminals.

The time has come to throw out these corrupt, crooked and incompetent leaders and to select the one and only and most competent leader who can and will cure our country like a competent, responsible and efficient doctor treating his patients and whose behavior is not like the butcher slaughtering a lamb but a human dealing with a human.

It should not be forgotten, it is our fault that our beloved country is in so much pain and misery today, if we have changed the leader who made the condition of our homeland worse on first instance than the problem would not had reached such a severe nature today.

The time has come to rectify our mistakes by voting for “Naya Pakistan”.

We just need to vote and send a message to the culprit leadership that “Don’t underestimate the power of a Common Man.”

We just need to select the right physician, the right person, the right leader and it’s easy, you just have to make right decision by casting vote to flag carrier of change or nominee of PTI in the coming election as to elevate them to take the charge and run the affairs of your country. Your country and nation just want this little effort from you not much.

Your country is calling you, like a damsel in distress.

Especially Pakistani youth who represent more than 60 percent population can become forerunner of this change.

The revolution has always been in the hands of the young. The young always inherit the revolution.

This is a generational warfare. The defected administration and old wealthy corrupt politicians have declared war on Pakistani youth and common men. That is the real war that is going on here.

And that is the war we’ve got to fight. If you want to be a rebel and fight, rebel and fight from inside the system. That’s much more powerful than rebelling and fighting outside the system. It is better to die fighting for it then be a prisoner all the days of our life.

The day of new dawn is near. July 25, 2018 will be day of resurgence. The day when we will flood out the old wicked regime through our votes.

So when the ballot boxes are opened at the end of day, the only voice the country can hear is of change.

Insha Allah!

And that voice will say nothing else than just:

Tabdeeli Aa Nahi Rahi Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hey
Pakistan Zindabad
Tabdeeli Paindabad

Imran Khan

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