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Is marriage a business deal?

Marriage is something most girls dreams of since teenage, fanaticizing about the dress, jewelry, makeup and mostly a life filled with love, love and love.

But in reality, it’s a completely different picture.

As soon as the wedding preparations begin, the families at are at their best, meetups, lunches, “fancy talks” exchange of gifts and so on but it’s all a disguise.

Unfortunately, marriages in our culture have been severely influenced by wealth, power and what’s given to dulhan. These are the metrics on which a successful marriage is judged in today’s world in Pakistan.

Dulhan kitna zeewar layi ha?

Jaheez me kia kia milaa hai, hmain bhi to dikhao?

Gaari (car) mil ri hai phir?

Love marriage ha kia?

Yeh itna photoshoot kyun karwa rehe hain?

Sharam nahi ati dulha dulhan hath paker k bethey huay hain?

Khana to bilqul bhi nahi acha

Larkay walo ki naak e kat gayi..kissi ne hamain poocha nahi function pay

And the list goes on and on……………………..

Enough with all this things? What is wrong with our society? Why can’t we happily accept that a nice decent family has given their gem to you who nurtured them for years and made them something which you accepted today and you still manage to come out with such pathetic mentality?

Is marriage a business deal for the larkay walay? Is it an another ladder to success?

Why don’t people realize that it’s not these materialistic things that will ensure your survival in marriage! No. it’s the character that matters. But thanks to our society who cares? “Characterkotoubaad me dekhain gay pehle yeh batao k hamain kia mil rahahai?”

Another dilemma: Why do we associate materialistic things with respect? Please understand that parents never ever want their children to suffer, they would do everything in their power to make sure they give their best, if they lack somewhere so what?

Is it that big a sin which can’t be forgiven? If a family fails to give gold to their daughter is that an unforgivable sin? If they family fails to give “branded” items in dowry that means k beti soteli hai aur usko uss ki shadi p sharminda kiya?

How is this justified? It’s amazing how people comment and with all due apologies we as a society are heading towards the worst.

We believe in what people say!

We don’t have our conscience anymore.

A neighbor’s family can create the biggest fight at somebody’s home saying that your daughter in law didn’t serve me food while it was you who insisted that you didn’t want to have it yourself in the first place.

People please remember we have to die one day!

Each one of us in answerable for our own actions. Strop messing with people lives. Live and let live. Learn to create positivity. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes but we should learn to forgive and move on. Make your hearts bigger.

Instead of thinking that you were insulted among people, think what will you do on the day of judgement?

I am not someone who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage, I firmly believe in marriage and in love, however, I feel sorry to say that despite the number of PhDs and so called educated families we are still “un-parh”and we are unaware of what actually “shaadi” is.

It’s high time we stick to our rights and wrongs and let not people insult us. Educate yourself and never ever disrespect parents even if they did wrong!


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are solely of the author and do not represent ARY policies or opinion.