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India-Afghanistan intimacy and its implications for Pakistan

Soviets, then Americans and now Indians intervening in Afghanistan to ensure the “stability” of the region, but the question arises here whether India’s strategic interest is to build strong bilateral relations or to increase its dominance in the region.

Though India has geographical challenge and it gets access to Afghanistan through Iran, India’s infinite diplomatic ties with Afghanistan are a threat to Pakistan.

Unfortunately the strategic and economic ties of Afghanistan and Pakistan have not been so stable.

Afghanistan is defined as a connector or and as an insulator state because of its geo-strategic location that is between South Asian, Central Asian and Middle Eastern security complexes, thus it has become a platform for ongoing great game between regional powers.

There is a security interdependence which lies between India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, therefore it is clear that India is motivated to establish an Indian centered order in the South Asian region which is not and can never be acceptable for Pakistan’s peace and stability.

India’s amplifying involvement not only threatens Pakistan but it is also a menace for Afghanistan itself because India is never been interested in establishing favorable structural conditions from the atrocities it has been doing in occupied Kashmir it is evident that India is not fit to establish regional peace accord.

India has been known of using Afghanistan’s soil for its malicious missions to encircle Pakistan and spy China in the past; it has been exploiting the region and creating tensions by RAW sponsored operations to weaken Pakistan. India is expanding its vested interest by adopting an approach for regional cooperation and getting engaged in bilateral dialogues on international forums.

Afghanistan has emerged as decisive element between India-Pakistan relations after Kashmir issue. Pakistan needs to establish a transparency mechanism for Indian activities in Afghanistan and to ensure security on its northwestern frontiers.

Furthermore to counter Indian deception Pakistan need to create synergy with other regional states and address the problem of Indian legitimacy. Pakistan has given a huge support to Afghanistan at times of need even then it is being blamed of not doing enough for neighbors.

India has played major role in tarnishing image of Pakistan among international community.

Both Afghanistan and Pakistan has been worst victims of Talibanised chaos and catastrophe caused by foreign military interventions. The false impression of Pakistan’s proximity with Taliban has been the propaganda to infuse mistrust between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In the name of assistance and aid India fuels propaganda among the allies of Pakistan.

In Afghanistan India has been training Afghan troops, 3600 Indians are the contract workers in Afghanistan’s different mining sectors, agriculture, telecommunication fields.

There is no denying fact that India’s strategic interest in Afghanistan is not different than that of British and Russians. While India’s influence is increasing, Pakistan’s relations are becoming more fragmented. Pakistan has border disputes with both India and Afghanistan, even then Pakistan formulated peace process with Afghanistan because both India and Afghanistan has major implications in Pakistan’s national security.

India has been supporting separatist movements in Pakistan and now increasing partnership of India-Afghanistan has again created dangers for Pakistan.

At this time of critical relations of Pakistan with US (United States) and Afghanistan, India a so-called friend of Afghanistan has not missed the opportunity to make malevolent strategies against Pakistan by bullying its thin-skinned neighbor Afghanistan. Time has come for Pakistan to take vital steps in order to counter Indian emergence in the region for sake of its own security and stability.

Addressing India’s activities in past and present in ‘Occupied Kashmir’ Pakistan must raise the credibility problem of India. Violation of ceasefire on LOC by Indian troops, in past India’s involvement in East Pakistan and its activities on Siachen Glacier: Pakistan cannot afford misjudgments of Indian strategies. Issue of security is the issue of survival for Pakistan. The inter-related mechanism of security and stability rely on its relationship with its neighboring states.

If Pakistan or the international community leaves this issue in isolation this can build a ground for India-Pakistan proxy war and foster military insurgencies in the region.

There must be a dialogue following the commitment that no foreign power would interfere in internal politics of the state and the differences among states must be resolved for the sake of regional security and stability.

The issue of Taliban can never be resolved if states interfere for their vested interests. A strong commitment and unification of all regional powers is required for the stability of Afghanistan and to get rid of Talibanisation.

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