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Has Imran Khan turned KP into ‘Naya’ KP?

Imran Khan, the charismatic leader believes “Dreams have no time frame”.

It took him 21 years to reach this position where his biggest challenge is dynastic politics and corruption in Pakistan.

It has been almost five years since Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) embraced PTI with open hands and today, the PTI-led government has changed this province into ways more than one.

Those days are gone when common people believed all that the politicians promised about magical land and wealth, now the common people want to see all the vows turning into reality.

It was the first time that PTI came in power, In 2013 general elections,  the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf gained control of the province after breaking the national stranglehold of the two traditional rivals.

Nothing was secure in the province back in the year 2013.

Imran Khan and KP government brought many major changes in the province and people of province are satisfied today with the overall performance of PTI’s government.

The changes are the harbinger of making NAYA KPK and to revolutionize it on modern lines.

PTI has done commendable work; conditions in KP are now such stable as compared to when PTI took the charge.

The police is the most important department, KP Police is independent and depoliticized, it’s an independent department stopped all sorts of political interference.

There is zero tolerance policy against corruption. First year hundreds of Police officials have been demoted on complaints regarding corruption and misuse of power.

It is the first time in the history of Pakistan that policeman are being appointed through Merit based NTS- Test. Earlier, the appointments were made through political interference.

There are also many changes introduced in the working of this department.

The government has introduced an online FIR system, through which a person can launch an FIR against anyone without any hazard.

Recently IG KP made his telephone number public so people can directly contact him on his personal number for any complaints.

Education is the backbone of any nation and without it none can progress. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan always said Education reforms nation, not motorways.

PTI government took civil society, teacher’s union, parents, community elders into confidence and they were made aware of the importance of education for their child at primary level.

Due to poverty and security threats,  children were not being enrolled in schools throughout KP in the past but KP government has made an immense movement in this respect by restoring the trust of these families to come forward.

The biometric attendance monitoring system installed for teachers used only in government schools.

Teachers are showing up in schools, the entire education system is the process to be unified to present one curriculum for all schools across the province in English.

Public confidence has surged on KP education reforms and a record 151,000 students have migrated from private schools to government-run schools.

Last year 34, 000 students migrated from private schools to government schools in KP, a rare achievement by Pakistani standards.

This significant increase is testimony of reforms initiatives in government schools, some of which have never been done in this private sector.

This movement of children from private to government schools is indicative of the trust parents are regaining in public schools.

The health sector also has improved significantly; patients testify that doctors are present in the government hospitals to attend to their ailments.

Sehat Ka Insaf program during which each child received vaccination against 9 preventable diseases and given each family a hygiene kit that’s includes soap, toothpaste, towel etc.

In the public sector, health services are provided through a best system of health care facilities.

Primary care facilities include basic health units (BHUs), rural health center (RHCs), Government rural dispensaries (GRDs), mother and child health (MCH) centers and TB Centers.

All of these facilities provide 8/6 OPD services, while RHCs provide a broader range of curative services, 24/7. Primary care facilities also provide outreach preventive services to the 8 communities through vaccinators, sanitary inspectors and a sanitary patrol.

Tehsil and district headquarters hospitals are also providing increasingly specialized secondary health care.

The functional capacity of health facilities assessed 5 specified inputs which include Infrastructure, Human Resources, Drugs and supplies, equipment and level specific support services.

The biggest problem in revenue collection was corruption and the typical Patwari culture was the major source.

According to Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT), KP government is ahead of all other provinces including Punjab in terms of good governance.

The PTI government has also launched the first ever institute for street children.

It will accommodate 1000 children and provide them with education, health, recreation, sports, boarding, food, career, psychological counseling etc.
Right to Information and Right to services allows the citizen to get government Information to keep watch and catch corruption, RTI bills also ranked to better then Punjab RTI bill.

Right to services allows citizen to demand basic services in stipulated number of 30 days. F

For the first time in the history, PTI government has initiated a financial assistance scheme for the welfare of windows hailing from the minority community.

The Billion Tree Tsunami Afforestation Project in KP province has surpassed its target by restoring and planting trees.

Launched in 2014 by Chairman PTI Imran Khan, The Billion Tree Tsunami aims to turn the tide on land degradation and loss in the mountainous.

The campaign simultaneously helped KPK province fulfil its 350,000 hectare commitment to the Bonn challenge.

A global effort to bring 150 million hectares to deforested and degraded land into restoration by 2020

There are definitely some failure but overall the performance is satisfactory and they have done many good things for People of KPK.

Imran Khan wants to bring positive change in Pakistan and rid us of the evils, terrorism, lawlessness, inflation, corruption.

Under his leadership, KP is changing and there is clear direction.

Today, Imran Khan believes that he and his party are ready to take the responsibility to steer Pakistan out of crisis.

I think the whole nation is now looking towards Imran Khan as a possible alternate and believes to fix the mess in Pakistan.

The biggest proof of Imran Khan’s success is that his opponents, PML-N and PPP, too are accepting his party as the biggest potential challenger for them.

He created his own vote bank and brought families and youth to the politics.

I think, it is under his leadership that Pakistan will finally become a country where law will prevail and everyone will share the fruits of development, not just the wealthy few.

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